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Fleet Velo Joust Wide

Fleet Velo Joust Wide
Front and rear brake

Haven't decided on a name.

26" velocity psychos laced to velocity track hubs with velocity competition spokes

shimano freewheel

Maxxis DTH 26x2.15 tires

Paul duplex lever to shimano Deore XT V-Brakes

I'm jealous of the top tube joining the seattube at the same spot as teh seatstays do! Seriously!

I'm tempted to call it a tank.
aren't Psychos like 900g heavy? almost two pounds?

also, how do you like handling w/ the fat tires?
I personally switched from 2.0" had in the beginning to 1.6" because it felt a little too snappy.

anyway! Call it Ralf! ;)

Yeah the psychos are beasts but hopefully that will be a good thing for the abuses of polo.

I like the handling but am not completely committed yet.

Chris? Does the bike just look tiny? Looks to small for you.. Just hand it over bro..

funny thing is, it is small for me, but I did it intentionally, so no you can't have it.

I wasn't asking.. I meant I'm gonna take it... I know where you live...jk!

so its 135 spaced rear with a 26x2.15 tire? is it a 56cm too?

"rubber side down boys"