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Joust 59cm

Joust 59cm
Joust 59cm
Rear brake

having some trouble uploading photos...

my third polo bike and first legit bike i've ever owned.

cane creek tank jump HS
redline square taper cranks
shimano square taper bb
surly 135 48h r hub laced 4x to salsa gordo
surly hub 36h laced 4x to bombshell disc rim in front
avid single digit 7 v brakes
white ind 22t and shimano 17t freewheels
salsa 32t chainring
tektro talon trigger lever
azonic downhill saddle
schwable marathon plus 26x1.75s

Reppin' Missouri polo bike style!

joust frame is sweet, really responsive and nimble. i'm able to do 360 wheelie turns, which are completely pointless. 32x17 a great gear for commuting too. with a new front wheel i'll put front brakes on it with a lever on the left side of the handle bar.

my only complaints are i wish it had clearance for wider tires (the bontrager h2 26x2.0 i had intended to use in front definitely did no fit, serfas drifter 26x2 barely did not fit.). i also wish there was a brace behind the bb even if it were only a cm or two behind it. the frame feels flexy in the area, but as long as it doesn't break, i won't mind it.

overall a great bike, big thanks to Tucker and to my employer, Walt's bike shop in Columbia Missouri for getting me going!

Sounds like a great bike....
Can you post a better photo?


i will as soon as i can there seems to be some sort of glitch!
in the meantime:


my bike is still betta butta

my other ride is a loveboard