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Ingram's Cutter

Volume Cutter
Rear brake

Volume Cutter frame
Volume Fu Manchu fork
Weinman deep V's
size 35 tires
stolen cranks
1/8 stem and freestyle handlebars
oury grips
resist headset
custom printed mystery science theater 3000 and coalesce fixcraft wheel covers
Primo pedals
brooks saddle
and some shitty brakes that work real good.

Become a lefty, we are the shit!

fuck i want that back wheel cover.

Wow, another great bike from scary larry. The aesthetics are very pleasing. The handle bars and the custom made look is freaking gnarly. please let me ride this soon!

bet! If I get to try that horse polo helmet of yours! it's sick

looks real good!

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

awesome bike

MST3K for life!

I can't tell or begin to estimate to you how many hours of my life have been spent watching that show.

I agree, this wins the Crow and Servo prize for MST3K representation in bike polo form. Huzzah!

Your work on the handlebars? Clean bike...