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Hija Orange

frame and fork "Hija de la Coneja"
1.63 (36/22)
Front and rear brake

Saddle: brooks
Seat post: Woodman
Front chain wheel: Shimano SLX
Tires: Gatorskin 26' continenal
Brake lever: Paul dual
Stem: Cinelli 90mm


So nice. Those gatorskin tires are the jam. Are they 26x1.5 or 1.9?

"rubber side down boys"

i love those cranks.

carve. smash. eat shit.

looks awesome!
Can I ask you how big is the frame and how tall are you?
i'm looking to buy a frame and I'm not sure about the size. to go for a S or M (i'm 172cm)

thank you!

PS: you can put 1.9 tires on it? (i got used to 1.9 lately)