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My half hand made polo bike

My half hand made polo bike
My half hand made polo bike
My half hand made polo bike
My half hand made polo bike
Front and rear brake

It was an old bianch mtb frame. I replace the top- and the head tube. I changed head- and seat tube angle. Because I didn't modify the DT/ST angle, therefore I got a little bit high BB(24mm bb drop), but it's very good for me. The fork is built by me with fillet brazing.

STA 72°
HTA 71°
995mm wheelbase, little bit long yet, but I will abridge the tail about 30mm.

Nice job !

Hope it holds the abuse


thanks! I tried it at Polorama - Padova, Italy. it holds. :)

The Bisons

looks great!

you must be so tall! or the frame is so small!

freaking awesome! i want to do this someday.

"rubber side down boys"

the first picture is a little bit fallacious. but otherwise yes, I'm 184cm with 89 cm inseam.


The Bisons

Awesome. Fillet brazing is underated.

You could also increase the HTA to 75 to 76 degrees and it would help your low offset/straight fork, give you better balanced steering (get the trail back under 80mm) and shorten the wheelbase in the front end. Watch the toe overlap though.


I think fillet brazing is the best method to join two bicycle tubes. And I like to do it. :) So, the head angle is best for me. It's a little bit instable and I can't ride easy w/o hands on bar, but it's highly manoeuvrable, it's perfect for me. And imho this angle prevents the handlebar turn back , while I turn a sharp u-turn. And this front center is the least, what it's possible on this frame for me.

The Bisons

Seeing this bike was an inspiration for my half custom homemade polo build!