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Lefty Scrambler

Lefty Scrambler
Lefty Scrambler
38 - 22
Front brake

I got murdered at a tournament by a lefty with pretty much this same bike so I decided to build my own.

Scrambler frame
origin 8 fork
Sram Rival cranks/BB
Avid 7 lever
Spyre disc brake
Done Deal guard
Atom labs front
Profile racing rear
WTB saddle

I like this. I'd love to fix my scrambler this way but how's that fork working out? I mocked that combination up in bike cad and that fork seemed to steepen the seat and head tube and reduce the trail sooooooo much I was worried how it would handle.

Works great. Handles as well as my joust. A bit of toe overlap though. But doesn't really bug me.


Was hoping for a lefty fork. :-\ 9/10.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

What size frame did you get and are those 35's?

Hey jay,
I got a 55. I'm 6' pretty average body dimension. Tires are 25 in the front 23 in the rear. I have some toe overlap.

I have the same frame, fork and disc guard. Haven't put it together yet though

Great! It's a fun bike. Frame is heavy but hey, for 100$ hard to beat. If you have that fork be ready for some skinny tires! Also a longer stem helped me, it was a little too crazy with a bmx stem (about 45mm) I went with an 80mm and everything is gravy now