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BikeaPOLOoza 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010 - Sunday, October 24, 2010
Host club: 
K-dub Polo Club
Contact info: 
jhymmen@gmail.com or kingjarrah@yahoo.ca

2 days

Saturday and Sunday Oct. 23rd and 24th, starting at 11am on Saturday, Oct 23.

To register as a team or an individual seeking a team, email: kingjarrah@yahoo.ca


Waterloo Public Square
King St. S. @ Willis Way
Waterloo, ON

Signed up

calendar marked. details please.

we are suffering from our fools

We are planning for two days Saturday and Sunday Oct. 23rd and 24th.
It will likely be starting at noon on saturday.
To register your team email me at kingjarrah@yahoo.ca
and let me know if you need a place to stay aswell
More details to come, keep posting any questions here.

I'm a Waterloo region born-and-bred girl! Wish I could be there! I'm living in Winnipeg now, but next time in Waterloo I will definitely give you guys a shout.

We have two teams and hopefully some singles coming from t.o.

actually probably four full teams plus singles.

wow great! see you guys saturday!

Thanks to everyone who came out! The top 4 teams were:

1. Bed Intruders (Roberts, Alexis, Maija) (NYC, OTT, TO)
2. Higher (Kev, Ngaihon, Aaron (sat) Chris (sun) (TO)
3. Oprah's Bike Club (Coach, Nick, Chris Mills) (OTT, TO, CUBA)
4. Midnight Otters (Luke, Montog, Mitchy) (ARNPRIOR)

Hope to see everyone next year!


thanks waterloo, good times good times.

a few photos up. hopefully more soon from kaiser's and julia.


thank you Waterloo Bike Polo: great event in a great location, with all kinds of community support from the likes of cops and bus drivers. can't wait to come back next year.

a special congrats to Chris Mills for making the podium in her first tournament. watching you carry coach through your games was the highlight of my weekend.

thanks to Toronto Bike Polo for the hospitality and pickup.

bless up my team. love you.

I cherish any time with my Ontario family, especially now that the valley boys from the prior have welcomed me in.

up in smoke is where my money goes

great weekend! thanks waterloo you folks are great. props to chris and nick for holding it down all weekend for me.

You guys are too nice! Huge thanks to Brian and Nick for giving me a chance to play with the big kids. It was definitely a weekend to remember.

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