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Saturday, October 22, 2011 - Sunday, October 23, 2011
Host club: 
K-dub Polo Club
Contact info: 
Court size: 
66 x 110

3rd annual tournament

Saturday will be swiss rounds to generate the seeding for Sunday.
9am registration, 10am - 6pm: the polo

Saturday night we will be having an alley cat through the bustling city + polo party at Cafe Pyrus
6:30pm start

Sunday will be a double elimination.
9am open court, 10am: the polo

We will have the usual breakfast for you on Saturday and Sunday.

Official registration AND EDITING YOUR TEAM INFO can be done by going to: http://www.kwpoloclub.ca/p/bikeapolooza.html

We are setting the cost at $15/ person. Hang onto your money for now.

There will be prizes. Thanks! See you soon


Waterloo Public Square
20 King Street South @ Willis Way
Waterloo, ON

Signed up

can't wait! see you in October.

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.
- John Cage

Really really looking forward to it. Anyone else ;) ?

I started playing in the spring of this fine year of 2011. I can't seem to get the thought of playing bike polo out of my head. I am on a kick ass team ( so far without a name). I am looking forward to playing polo with some soon to be new friends! Oh and I am making a knife fight ring for us to have some fun in. Come on out and play!

Teams registered so far are:

John, Justin, Shawn (KW)
Mike, Neill, Stephen (KW)
Andrew, Rob, TBD (Thunder Bay)
Alexis, Maija, TBD (OTT, TO)
Shane, Glen, Mitch (TO, Arp)
Tyson, Thomas, Kris (KW)

Register: http://www.kwpoloclub.ca/p/bikeapolooza.html

Even better.

John/ Justin B/ Shawn Springer KW

Mike / Neill / Stephen KW

Tyzun/ Thomas / Kris P KW

Rob / Andrew /TBD Thunder Bay

Alexis/ Maija/ TBD Toronto,Ottawa

Shane/ Glen/ Mitch Tor/Tor/Arp

lyle the legend/ brodaismostus/ TBD OTTAWA

Luke/ Seamus/ Brodie Barrie TO,OTT

me and rutger needa third

i can get you a half a third. i think that means a sixth.

good luck, we can let you know if we someone here turns up. by the way, everyone can edit their team names/ players here:

Some of the bling that has come in. And yes the sheep skin is comfy.

Justin and I are coming from Grand Rapids. We need a third! He's a tenacious playmaker, I'm a utility lefty goal scorer. What up? We could split up if necessary but that would suck 'cause we play really well together. He does a really spot on Bubbles and I'm more of a Ricky with tinges of J-Roc.

Hey Grand Rapids, thats great that you are coming to KW. Can you bring some of your backwoods brew with you? I'm sure you will find a third, Randy and Leahy have been in waterloo a few times maybe they might like to try bike polo.
Can you also bring your bike games from bikestock...any bike games that you might want to see at bikeapolooza? Some guys here have some other types of games planned...the more the better!

dude make him pay up front so he doesn't fuck you over like that guy in Toronto

Yah who was that guy?

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Coach from Ottawa is looking for a team.

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.
- John Cage

Thunderbeards are accepting applications for a third

11 teams registered and in the works!

We are trying very hard to get these plastic boards and are getting close. No promises yet but the City of Waterloo is being very awesome at doing what they can. http://www.sportsystemscorp.com/product.php?cat=product25&act=p7menu2

An update on housing: we have Tyzuns Basement (about 9 people) and my place about (5 people). Plus tenting in back yards (infinite people).

So far:
Nice Bike Bitch- John Hymmen, Justin B Shawn, Springer- KW
Pooloo Magic- Mike Rollauer, Neill Stewart, Stephen Orlando- KW
TBD- Tyzun,Thomas, Kris P- KW
Thunderbeards- Rob Reid, Andrew Reid, Fabian Suarez- TBay, Winni
The Chocolate Factory- Alexis, Maija, Lewis- Ottawa, Toronto
TBD- Shane, Glen, Mitch- Tor/Tor/Arp
Nookie Monsters- Luke Sheldrick, Seamus, Brodie-TO, OTT
TBD- Emiy Heffring, rutgy, ngaihon- Toronto
50 Piece Wing- Justin, Matt, TBD- Grand Rapids
TBD- matt piggott, Dave w, TBD- Kitchener
Lucky # 13- Kirsten, Joel,Navid-T.O.

start time on saturday?

9am registration, chill'n, muffins....
10am go

For housing Friday. Meet at McCabes, Kitchener. Say between 8-10 is ideal.

Going into double elimination sunday

KDUBBBBB!!! Thanks for such a great weekend. So glad i came. I'll be back next year for sure!

for sure man. I'm sure some of the Waterloo spectators were oohing and awing over your bike control. congrats on your WIN !

Hey all, here are the results.

1st - The Mighty Drop Bears (Alexis/Maija/Lewis)
2nd - Sweet Redemption (Shane/Glen/Mitch)
3rd - Eindhoven (Rutgy/Ngaihon/Emily)
4rd - Nookie Monsters (Luke/Seamus/Brodie)
5th - 50 Piece Wing (Justin/Matt/Paul)
5th - The Really Awesomes (John/Shawn/Justin)
7th - Thunderbeards (Rob/Andrew/Fabian)
7th - Bin Der Dun Dat (Coach/Johnny C/Kyle)
9th - Fighting Buddhas (Tyzun/Thomas/Kris)
9th - Pooloo Magic (Mike/Neill/Stephen)
9th - TeeBeDee (Matt P/DaveW/Tiera and Russ)
9th - Solar Bears (Kristen/Joel/Navid)