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Frankonian Open 2013

Saturday, August 3, 2013 - Sunday, August 4, 2013
Host club: 
Bike Polo Nürnberg
Court size: 
2 grippy courts (50x25m and 30x18m) - the big one with floodlight - we can play until 10 pm

BikePolo Nürnberg / 1. FCN Roll- und Eissport e.V. will host its very first tournament this summer!

Club and play ground of the 1. FC Nürnberg Soccerclub
Valznerweiherstraße 200
90480 Nürnberg

24 teams
Saturday, August 3rd - Starting 09:30 am - swiss round
Sunday, August 4th - Starting 09:30 am - double elimination

On Friday, August 2nd, we will be at the courts by 02:00 pm starting with pickups

Further details will follow soon (next Campsite is about 1,7 km from the courts)
We will offer breakfast for all players on Saturday and Sunday!

Registration fee:
€ 30 / team

Registration will start on Monday, June 3rd, 08:00 pm CEST, via Email!!!
Mail address and registration details will follow soon - so stay tuned!



Signed up

Hi - that's the update everybody is waiting for:

Frankonian Open 2013
Date: 03./04. August 2013

Host Club: Bikepolo Nürnberg / 1. FCN Roll- und Eissport e.V.

Valznerweiherstraße 200
90480 Nürnberg

24 Teams:
6 home teams from Nürnberg and Wendelstein - 18 slots are open for registration (first come, first served)

2 grippy courts (50x25 m und 30x18 m) - the big one with floodlight (we can play till 10:00 pm)

Arrival on Friday, August 2nd - Pickups starting at 02:00 pm
Tournament on Saturday, August 3rd – starting with swiss rounds at 09:30 am
Tournament on Sunday, August 4th – starting with double elimination at 09:30 am
We will offer a free breakfast for all players on Saturday and Sunday! Furthermore there will be some lunch and a grill for your own meat.

Registration fee:
30 € / Team

Starting on June 3rd at 08:00 pm - CEST

We can offer a mass accommodation for a reasonable price in a school gym from Friday until Sunday morning.
Please confirm in your registration mail if you want to stay at the gym and how long.
Otherwise – the next camping site to the courts is just 1.8 km away!
KNAUS Campingpark Nürnberg
Hans-Kalb-Str. 56
90471 Nürnberg
Tel.: +49 0911 98127-17
E-Mail: nuernberg@knauscamp.de

Please send your registration mail on June 3rd 8 p.m. CEST to:
Subject: team name / city

Required information for registration:
Team name
Player names
T-Shirt sizes
Arrival: Friday/Saturday
Accommodation at the gym: yes/no - number of people - Friday and/or Saturday

All registered teams will receive an email with the bank data to send the payment for the registration fee.
The total payment has to be made within 2 weeks after that email to confirm the team registration.

Sounds great, hope Poloroid gets in!

Well - team registration is almost done and we have a lot teams on the waiting list. Therefore we are planning to open the tournament for more teams.
Please stay tuned and follow us on facebook