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Bilbo Bikepolo Txapelketa

Bilbo Bikepolo Txapelketa
Saturday, December 1, 2012 - Sunday, December 2, 2012
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
two courts : 35m*20m, indoor

We invite you to our first tounament "Bilbo Bikepolo Txapelketa" aka "Las Baldosas Asesinas Round 1"!.

This tournament will be part of Exponatur ( http://www.exponatur.com/ ), the biggest exhibition in the the north of Spain about alternative spare-time activities, very oriented on all kind of bicycle activities. Last year no less than 14.000 visitors passed during the week-end of the show.

24 teams
- 19 slots : first come first served
- 4 slots reserved for foreign teams also first come first served
- 1 slot for a special guest: A team from "Santanter" who just start playing

Two indoor courts (35m×20m ) with good grip, changing rooms and showers.

We will play here : http://a.images.blip.tv/Jcsromo-BizkaiaArena177.jpg
The wooden floor will be removed and there will be fewer steps

Tournament format : TBD

Rules : The usual set of rules used for tha spanish championship http://bilbaobikepolo.wordpress.com/las-reglas/

Incriptions :
The incriptions will be opened next wednesday 17/10/2012 at 14:00 (Spanish time).
Prices per team . 30 euros
To register you will have to use this form : http://bilbaobikepolo.wordpress.com/inscripciones/

Nombre del equipo : Team name
Ciudad de origen : City
Nombres de los jugadores : Players names
¿Necesitáis alojamiento? : Housing needed
Email de contacto : Email
Otros comentarios : Comments

Accommodation :
We will publish in few days a list of hotels which are ready to receive groups of players, willing to give specials prices.,
We are also looking for any kind of free housing. ( In the inscription form you can indicate that you need a place to sleep, this will apply just in case of free housing availability ).

This post will be updated later based on our progess organizing this...


BEC - Bilbao Exhibition Centre Bilbao

Signed up

Teams List :

N Equipo/Team - /City - Jugadores/Players
1 Me llamo Urko - Bilbao (Igor, Guillaume, Urko)
2 Untxi bi - Bilbao (Roke, Piter, Aitzol)
3 Dirty Sanchez - Barcelona (jb, alejandro, rexo)
4 Salut c'est cool - Toulouse/Bordeaux (Félix, Guigui, Rémy)
5 Hola que tal - Lyon & Grenoble (Salvo la Gatta, Morgain, Jay-z)
6 Les chevals - Perpignan (Greg, Kostia, Tristan)
7 KasisudaK - Zaragoza (Javi, Diego, Nacho)
8 Prolo Polo - Bruselas (Dan - Antoine - Vincent)
9 Sexy Legs - Barcelona (Jordi, Bernat, TBA)
10 Dionysos - Montpellier (Benjamin - Romain - Mathieu)
11 Gipsy kings-Euskalorros - Zaragoza (borxa, juanillo, raul)
12 Yo me llamo Ralph! - Olot (Marc, Jordi, Marc)
13 Polotov - Madrid (Alex, Angelo, Jorge)
14 Go Fast - Paris, Nantes, Grenoble (Marc Sich, Floris Coucke, Jo Pompom)
15 Los Dalton - Alicante (Tony - Dani - Mario)
16 Defensores - Zaragoza (Dani, Dinamita, Pablo)
17 Politeiros - Lisboa (Reis, Barbosa, Vitor)
18 Freaky South Boys - Toulouse (Alex, Tonnio, Polo)
19 Nitxis - Gasteiz (Eneko, Iñaki, Endika)
20 Los Zinquers - Alicante (Pablo, Roberto; Odiel)
21 C03 - Madrid/Zaragoza (Ben, Quico, Hector)
22 Epic Fail United - Barcelona (Franky, Pablo, Esteve)
23 Los Zika - Gasteiz (Gus, Oier, Jaizki)
24 Sophie - Berna (Pete, Giv, Dani)

Waiting list

1 Les Sons - Nantes (Erwan DELANOS - Chadou CHAILLEUX - Alex)
2 Los bigotes hasta las rodillas - Montpellier(Mass dams el gringo)
3 Sexy Lady - Olot (Albert Esquena, Francesc Torrent, Gerard Milian)
4 Mambo Jambo - Barcelona (Cata, Juanma, TBA)
5 JPG - Berna (Mel, Dänu, Florian)
6 Le Bon La Brute Le Truand - Toulouse (Brice, Julien, Olivier)
7 Daggers - Zaragoza (Iván Moreno, Raul Escanero, David Navarro)
8 Los Culosmoyáos - Gijón (Argüelles, Enol, noname)
9 Shadow Cats - Bordeaux (Rob Seabass Tba)
10 Polomitas - Zaragoza (Adrian, Hugo, Dani)

That was fast...so looks like spanish-french tournament is coming ha ha ha no point I guess to joining waiting list I guess :-)

kropa wrote:

That was fast...so looks like spanish-french tournament is coming ha ha ha no point I guess to joining waiting list I guess :-)

Ahem! Take closer look. There are 3 guys wich aren't from France or Spain... ;)

The poster is rad.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Will be nice to play Round Robin! Can't wait to see the groups composition!

Team Sophie - Switzerland

The actual plan is to make the groups composition the Friday before the tournament...

Yep. That's fine. How will you proceed ?

Team Sophie - Switzerland

"Baldosas" of Bilbao


- Bilbao Akelarre Hostel (Deusto):
Bike Friendly; with a local for the bikes or bikes in the room
Ok for special prices for group

- Botxo Gallery Youth Hostel (Campo Bolantin):
OK to allow bikes in the room but the whole room must be occupied by polo players

- Pil Pil Hostel (San Mames):
Bike Friendly
Very interrested in having polo players talk with them about bikes and prices

- Ganbara Hostel (Casco Viejo):
Bike Friendly; with a local for the bikes or bikes in the room
Ok for special prices for group more than 10 persons

- BBK Bilbao Good Hostel:
Bike Friendly; with a local for the bikes or bikes in the room
Ok for special prices for group

more tourneys in the Basque country mesedez!

shotgun your bike!

They are working for us... Will be completed today...

Pick-ups tomorrow from 4PM to 8PM !

We will do the draw at the Momo bar...

Advertisement in the Bilbao´s subway

Any podium/challonge link for the tourney this weekend?

Results :
1 Freaky South Boys (Polo, Tonnio, Alex)
2 go fast (Flo, Rob, Joey)
3 Hola que tal (Morgan, Salvo, Jay-z)
4 salut c'est cool (Remy, Guigui, Félix)
5 Dionysos (Mtpl) // Les Chevals (Perpi)

BBP Txapelketa Video & Photo!