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Bluegrass BOOOOOndoggle

Saturday, October 29, 2011 - Sunday, October 30, 2011
Contact info: 
Court size: 
tennis court... 2 of em

Mind the details...

MANDATORY costumes. This is not a joke.

3v3 random draw, leave your serious at home.


contact: LouisvilleBikePolo@gmail.com


Beecher Park
10th & Muhammad Ali
Louisville, KY
United States

Signed up

I am going to be in Lex during this time. I am looking for a team... BOONDOGGLE!

I'd be down! i like with new players and few french players i've met are cool as fuck. I can find us a quality third, too, if you'd like.

Let's do it! I hope you don't mind that I am actually American though... I'll do my best to speak in a French accent if it adds to the mystique.

Hahah that's quite alright. I'm down as long as yr up for a good ol' american time.. whiskey and trouble. We can always recruit Gui from Columbus if the accent will help!

I'm betting the Boooooooooooooooooooondoggle will end up being a cross between a haunted house and michael jackson's birthday party.


........??????me????????............. thinking about flying down

flying?? but were so close!

$150 round trip from chicago, and an 8 hour drive in a car that neither you or i have

Why will you be in LEX?
For how long?


This is going to be awesome!

I'm a big wad of bloody hot damnation

not coming! fuck everything about this! if i ever see anyone from Louisville again, it will be too soon. god damn it, i love you guys.


when pigs fly.


boooo! we'll miss ya buddy

talk shit and burn bridges

oh, snap! i just now saw this. see everybody there. SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS!

Hurray for costumes!!

I'm going to be naked Jimmy for the tournament..

so what you're saying is that you want to get inside me?

talk shit and burn bridges

anyone close or passing by cincy, some folks are making a pit stop through town to hang out and polo a few days before. We are also planning on going as a big ol' group to Kings Island for the Halloween Haunt. 30 bucks to ride all the rides and go to atleast 10 different haunted houses. well worth the money just to see who the wimps are in the group. as it gets closer we will lock down a day and schtuff.

when pigs fly.

'Bama might be coming to this. More info?

what kind of info do you need. Louisvillebikepolo@gmail.com

if the losers in memphis can get their act together, we're gunna try to make it up.

ive heard that before ... but i hope its true this time. little rock is coming, maybe snag a ride with them on their way through? we can put you up no problem.

keeping polo sinful.

if i don't get to watch you rub your dick on michael soon, i'm going to start to like the touch of a woman again. do you really want that on your conscience?

when pigs fly.

good things come to those who wait.

talk shit and burn bridges

i'd jus like to note that while everyone understands MANDATORY COSTUMES, you cannot get by with face paint and some torn clothing.



wear something obstructive or don't wear anything at all. naked guy at the polo tournament is old and worn out by the way.

talk shit and burn bridges

if any of you morons are going to be in town friday night, motherfuckin' Helmet is playing at the most redneck juggalo bar in town with our friends The Name's Stroker, Old Vikings and Trophy Wives. it is gonna be fucking amazing!

talk shit and burn bridges

get fucking stoked!


talk shit and burn bridges

Im in central central Georgia, is anybody coming up through here or close by that I can hitch a ride with?

wow that's quite a ways to drive for the most un-serious tournament of the year... on that note-- DO IT!

Zachary-Blmgtn wrote:

wow that's quite a ways to drive for the most un-serious tournament of the year... on that note-- DO IT!

It's all about the polo love! I might even be able to convince a few more players to join me if I'm promised an exciting weekend.


if you haven't been to louisville (or kentucky for that matter) then you'll definitely be in for an exciting weekend.
it's party first, polo second. prizes are just a fringe benefit that we honestly could do without, but there are some that won't come if there aren't any.
come for the polo, stay for the party, bourbon, women and rock & roll. let us know how many will be coming, we will get some housing arranged (which might just be my polo van parked on the street.)

keeping polo sinful.

remember, MANDATORY COSTUMES! this is what I'm wearing... only this and my nakeds. http://geeks.thedailywh.at/2011/10/17/dc-superhero-socks-of-the-day/

talk shit and burn bridges

only a few more days ... and zero housing requests. i dont give a shit, just dont be surprised if we stick you in a shitter somewhere. also. costumes are mandatory, the tourney will be a $5 donation (read - entry fee) and there will be some food on saturday followed by a general chaos ride to dinner most likely. don't forget, we are playing in the ghetto, there are a lot of people watching and a lot people that don't really like us, so make sure you keep your shit together and your adult beverages tastefully concealed.

keeping polo sinful.

mrmcco02 wrote:

don't forget, we are playing in the ghetto, there are a lot of people watching and a lot people that don't really like us.

Are you saying i should re-think my ghost costume?


so my ride just fell through!! fuckin' a... anyone driving through indiana and wanna give me a ride??

WHAT.THE.FUCK? so what you're saying is you're the only one coming from bloomington now?

talk shit and burn bridges

no i'm saying not even i can come now..

scratch that! lafayette is picking me up on the way!!!!!!

heyo time to start drinkin!!!!

i am very happy to have you and bloomington north in attendance, but i am very disappointed in the rest of your crew to say the least. that said, yes, start drinking indeed. and remember, costumes are NOT A FUCKING JOKE!

talk shit and burn bridges

yeah sorry jimmy. my bank account has me stuck in bloomington for awhile now...i wish i could come get drunk in the hood so hard...but life happens. at least bruce isn't coming haha

Everyday im hustlin, everyday im hustlin...


...and now Lafayette abandoned me too! So yeah, i'm literally sitting here with my bags packed and no way to get south...

Are you serious!!! NOOOOOOOOO. what is lafayette not goin anymore?

here's my usual herp derp...