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Boston Bike Polo Presents: WINTER LOCKDOWN

Winter Lockdown
Saturday, January 15, 2011 - Sunday, January 16, 2011
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Jarrett Shamlian ~ (347) 517 - 0911 jetshamlian@gmail.com
Court size: 
1 main indoor court, and 1 supplementary indoor court

The Winter Lockdown is a 2 day indoor tournament to be held outside of Boston in Saugus MA.
Indoor courts reserved for 8+ hours each day.
Transportation will be provided from Boston's South Station to the court in Saugus, if needed.

UPDATE (2nd edition):

Housing - We have a block of 15 rooms at the Red Roof Inn only a few hundred feet from the court. There are 2 queen beds to each room. The cost will be included in registration.
If you want to call dibs on your 4 room mates before the event, you can mess with this google doc:Room Mates
People coming in Friday will have ample places to stay in Boston with us.

Cost - $80 per team. This incldes a shared hotel room for a night, 2 days of indoor polo and all the delicious Harpoon beer you can drink.

Registration - Registration works like this:

(1) If you're one of the 25 teams on this THIS SHEET you have until JANUARY 1st to pay $80 via paypal to bostonhardcourtbikepolo@gmail.com. When you pay, please include your team name and who is playing on that team as well as contact info. Once you pay, your name will show up on this list. At this point you are GOLDEN.

(2) If you're on the waiting list: As of jan 1st, any slots left unfilled on the paid signup sheet are open to anyone who pays first come first serve.


HockeyTown USA
Saugus, MA
United States

Signed up

this is gonna be niiiicce. bring hand warmers.

first tournament for 2011 , i'm in.... now who wants to win, cause i need a team

david joseph"polony"wells

You and me Dave!? I've already got my tickets.

Need a 3rd Polony? I might be able to swing it? Can anyone tell me the easiest was to get from Newark airport to Boston?

take a 15$ bus to midtown, build your bike, ride to chinatown, get on the Fung Wah, and wait until you're in boston

jah guide going out, and protect coming in

cool, that's what I thought.....

I can tell you how to get to Maplewood, NJ for a game or two

Only 2 courts? Is one bad/small? Team cap? Format? I NEED TO KNOW!

Pete are you going to this? I may be interested!!!

Fuck off

the two courts are nearly identical. one is inside the main facility(in the video above) and the other is in a bubble tent dealie.

The Bubble Covered tent/ main court is

150 feet long X 70 feet wide

The Inside/ secondary court is 160 X 65 .

The surface on both courts is the same (Plastic mesh- will post more details about this soon) its a little slippy at first, but its easy to get used to - we have played on both courts dozens of times with no complaints. The courts are very fast and the hockey goals that are already there will probably be used.

this is amazing...coincidentally I have the 14th and 17th off work. Haven't been up to Boston in 8 years, I'll make the voyage. unique.

...those days are over.


How are you thinking about getting there, Jill? Rumor has it that direct flights are $130. Brad and I were talking about this yesterday

If that is the case...fly.

...those days are over.


book the tickets together? Get all shitfaced airport drunk and make fools of ourselves? Awesome.

...those days are over.


p0L0 in the WINTER!!???!?!!!!!!!

AND an ultra rad poster?

this is 2 good 2 b true.

Addison we play polo all year round at Allston and the other courts. We only use Hockeytown when it dumps on us...

17th is MLK day. 3 day weekend. In.

holy shit. it is going to be soooooooo cold. i can already feel it. i think i need to start training in a meat locker or something....like now.
super stoked.

oh yeah...what's the word on housing?

we are working on nearby accommodations for everyone. more info soon.


I think Tobi means to say:

im pretty sure what tobi REALLY means (and needs) is this...

I always come home in the winter!! Sweet!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

when do we need to register to get in? date? or just before the max team #?

no date yet.. when it looks like we're getting close to the max number of teams we will announce it. If your name is on the list above consider yourself registered.

alexis (ottawa), nick (rva), and chris (nyc)

only thing bribri is picking up at this is the set of keys to my jeep, for starting purposes; or some local sweet babes assuming all goes to hell with Ella between now and then.

resisting against the shitstem

prince tophy wrote:

alexis (ottawa), nick (rva), and chris (nyc)

only thing bribri is picking up at this is the set of keys to my jeep, for starting purposes; or some local sweet babes assuming all goes to hell with Ella between now and then.

resisting against the shitstem

nice, nick (bos) will be upset.

niceeeeee boston, i cant wait!

bike polo hotline

question about this mesh surface who-ha? how meshy? like run knobbies?

talk shit and burn bridges

no need for knobbiles but people may want to think about running tires with some grooving on tread.


the material is called "sportcourt"

is this a tournament or pickup event?

BribriMKE wrote:

is this a tournament or pickup event?

the only thing you'll be picking up at this will be the trophy.

I might need to find a ride and a team

Hope I can make it


oi....team up? what say you?

any word on dates being set? would like to fly as flights are really cheap, but d prices r goin up

the dates have been locked in from the start.

oh i was goin by this http://leagueofbikepolo.com/boston-bike-polo-presents-winter-lockdown#co...

hotbike wrote:

oh i was goin by this http://leagueofbikepolo.com/boston-bike-polo-presents-winter-lockdown#comment-61409

oh the registration deadline date- Its likely to be close to the tourney date - just as long as we have not reached our cap which is likely to be 20-24 teams. Still undecided.

For everybody else who has booked flights - just post up once you have then we know for sure you are coming.

ugh the cardinal just made this trip more interesting with a flyers bruins game the night before. but dont think ill be able to take off the time after getting out for 2 weeks in december. well seeeeee.

There is also a bruins game against the Hurricanes Monday the 17th at 1pm. If anyone is interested in going... let me or Chris know and we'll try to organize a block of tickets. $41/ticket

There should be a group of us from Syracuse there, I hope... so if anyone needs a ride that is close by or on the way, let me know.

A few beavers are thinkin about makin an appearance

anyone got the hook up on some bruins tickets???

Hey guys, gals never been north of D.C. Looking for a team lefty from calif coming to this tourny. Hit me up if you need a team A player but will play newbies. Just wanna play polo and get a chance to play with some east coast folks. I also need to ship my bike to Boston, anyone know a good place or bike shop to send it to.looking for a place to stay also thanks . Joe

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Where would I be flying to? Like what's the closest airport?

Fuck off

Logan is actually very close.

Just to remind everybody that ALL teams will play on the Sunday.

THE closest bar is HOOTERS (1 min) ride down route 1

Lancaster City Bike Polo has a team together for this, we'll be driving up.

agile for my size.

There should be one or two teams from Montreal, I hope so...

Anyone I know in need of a third?


Fuck off

Don't know why I didn't see this earlier. Might just have to fly over.

You might just! It's going to be amazing.

shits blowing up. may as well call it the worlds

Quack attack. I need a team for this.


Im making this! Would you be interested?

Fuck off

Not certain of Brad's and Lomax's attendance. therefore, I need a team. holla

...those days are over.



Team needed. Cardinal? Miguel? Jt? Jill?

Holla acha gurl...rep'n the commonwealth!

...those days are over.


Damn! Fucking ballin ass Jill!!!!!!

How many tournaments are you going to make this year lil lady? haha

Fuck off

I lost count ; ) I really can't get enough. I learn so much at these tournaments. I hope I get to see you again.

...those days are over.


this is gonna be awesome, i hope those dates are set in stone cuz we'll be buying plane tix this week. i hope it's cold as fuck in bean town too

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Joe they are locked in. It will be cold but very intimate.

Everybody who has teams locked in post up the names on here.

The Milwaukee Beaver Men

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

tickets booked! 13-17th

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Need a team! 3000 miles is a long way to fly to just watch polo. Is there a loose cannon list I can get on?I already bought plane tix. Hit me up if anyone needs a third.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

I might need a team. So much bed jumping and friendly back stabbing with teams in Boston right now. I may as well dangle my hook in the polo lake.

Sorry tobi , I was just looking at my posts. They are abstract. I'm a lefty from calif, looking to play with some east coast folks, I'm a solid team player I adjust well to new teammates . I've played alot of throw in tournys out west let's hook up and kick some ass! I fly out of S.F. On the 13th. Hit me up if your down. Joe

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

I'm calling bullshit. who has backstabbed you tobi? who bed jumped? i want names.

Bourbonic Plague

yo necesito un equipo.........(i need a team)..

The Baker wrote:

yo necesito un equipo.........(i need a team)..

wanna hook up with some dc love?

fuck ur face

I need a team! or if kaycie and I are playing together, we need a third!

What is the word on Kaycie? Let's go fuck shit up...

...those days are over.


she's in for sure, wanna confirm this then??

Let's confirm it then. I'll start looking at flights.

...those days are over.


Looks like some Pgh peeps are playing after all.

...those days are over.


Hopefully they won't get mad and get even :/ haha.... I'm going to hit you.........T-BONE!

Fuck off

Hahahah when the going gets tough...T-Bone! For real though I'm trying to get Charlie to come and play.

...those days are over.


registering The Guardians. see you guys in january!


who's the guardians?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

formerly known as Kaw is War - dustin, julian, seabass


- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Not nice, you guys are toast if they show up ;)

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

what, like he's never seen them play before? like they're some kind of secret? they are who we think they are. terrible comment

Registering team M&M's!

Count it-

Fuck off

Machine Politics

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

Mehgan and I are looking for a third.
You know how we get down.

fuck ur face

should we do this?!!!! let me know what you both think!

I'm thinking about coming to this....free agent....you still looking for a third?

Still need a third Justin what ya think?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

yeah we are still looking. would be great to play with ya.

fuck ur face

the day it dumped snow, i looked up ticket prices to boston..

Still need a team for this! Anyone need a third? Lefty for hire.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

I need a team.

Let's find a third and do this. Are ya game?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

I'm in

Cool just need a third and a team name!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

*EDIT* Registering -Kaycie, Ann and Mike from Richmond

dave forrest and i coming from seattle HUH

Looking for a team, holler

i'm trying to jump on this shindig as well.

Are you teamed up yet? Still looking for a third.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo



chris, what is the plan? you me n joey? let me know....

chuckd wrote:

chris, what is the plan? you me n joey? let me know....

edit* no worries. see you on the bus maybe?

Please consider this our Pre-Registration.
Shane, Mehgan and a Mystery Third to be named later.
Team Fixed Not Neutered.

fuck ur face

Registering Tiffany from Lex, Joe from Sac, and TBA 3rd. Team "Boats and Hoes".

hahaha. Love it! boats and hoes-

Fuck off

Awesome! Two of my favorite things! See ya soon Tiffany.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Pre-reg Goast (Pgh), Rough Touch (Pgh), +1 (?) holla poloverse

...those days are over.


Goast Hamberg wrote:

Pre-reg Goast (Pgh), Rough Touch (Pgh), +1 (?) holla poloverse


Reg. T Tom and jdubhollywood from Dekalb il

Getting very close to capacity now... This is what I have so far and I have perhaps doubled up some players/names. Boston may not use its 4 teams, we're being typically laid back and secretive about everything. If you have booked flights and your name is not on my sheet - contact me ASAP.

please feel free to edit my spreadsheet with player names and corrections.


smoke while you do it.

I think I may have missed the boat on this one, but I added myself to the list of singles.


Nick, dont rule yourself out yet. It is still early days.- people get injured, people get sick and all the rest of the reasons.

To everybody. This tournament literally exploded in popularity once the World champions and runners up confirmed. I am sorry if you are too late.

I did say a few weeks ago that we would cap at 24 and once I added all the players and teams up, places ran out fast.

Montreal please confirm your players and if 1 or 2 teams are coming. I wont hold your 2nd spot for too much longer. All those teams who have a +1 please - take players from the spare players pool.

kremin is our third

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Ok for one team form Montreal, I leave the names of the players on the google doc, to night or tomorrow, I check for the second team and I let you know soon.

may as well say it now... if you are not on the spreadsheet do not book your flights as I cannot confirm you a team spot.

i added joey to the spreadsheet, im sure he does not have an account.... let me know if this is cool or not.

^ its fine. your team is locked in.

If anybody in any team cant make it just just let everybody know and edit the sheet ASAP.

and locked in. can't wait!!!

@chuck, i was supposed to be down south during this whole fracas and didnt know i had been summarily drafted. in the event of me remaining miserable and cold for a little while longer to make this thing i had a team already.


Montreal get at me...

team with 2 people please try and use spare players on the sheet.

Ruleset for this tournament?

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

regular rules. nothing weird... the fixed hockey goals may cause some debate but we will cover that on the day.

tony needs a team!
pretty please?

Ok, so I confirm you that there is two teams from Montreal.
Is it still possible to add the second team on the spreadsheet?

Sorry opus7. i can only confirm 1 team for Montreal at the moment. I have had a dozen requests for more teams to be added and I am telling everybody the same thing.

There are 2 reasons why we cant go over the current limit.

1) Hockey town is an intimate setting - space around the courts is tight especially in the outside bubble covered tent.
2) Too many teams will mean less polo for the people who locked in their spot early.

If we had known how popular this was going to be, we would have done things differently but right now I think I am being fair.

Ok no problem Tobi, I totally understand...
Thanks a lot.

hey. Looking at booking a flight but didn't know if anybody needed a player from the dirty south who likes to play fast.

I need a team! I've already got tickets, and am on the singles list. Anyone want to pick up a hard playing girl? I can send a "resume" if you want.

We still need a third. ???

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Hey everybody!
The final updates are set.

The cost of the tournament is $80 per team. This includes shared hotel room for the night of the 15th, 2 days of glorious indoor polo, and heaps of delicious Harpoon beer.

Payments are to be sent via paypal to: bostonhardcourtbikepolo@gmail.com

Be sure to include your team name, team members, and contact info when you make the payment.

If you're on the pre-registration list HERE your team has until January first to pay up.

Paid teams will show up on this list.

If you haven't paid by January first, we're taking it as a sign that you're just not that into us, and we're opening up the registration to anyone who will pay.
This means you, waiting list people.

This is going to be so freaking sweet.



the werm needs dert: can we smoke up in these motherfuckers

hotbox in the bubble

will there be a sound system available at these courts? ya know, to get shit shmakin?

...those days are over.


I'm heading to the courts today to finalize the contract minutiae. I will get a final verdict on the shmakin sound system and let you know.

In other news:
Please pre-pay for your team if you have not already!! paypal $80 (per team) to Bostonhardcourtbikepolo@gmail.com

Our third player won't be able to make this.
Anyone interested in playing with 2 Hot Boiled Peanuts?

fuck ur face

This guy!

do it do it do it steveZ!

Question: Will this be more or less awesome than the St. Louis Lock-in?

Awesomeness is a very subjective thing. Having not been to the St Louis Lock-in, I would have to say: "Yes, this will be far more awesome."
But that's just my opinion now isn't it?

i wasn't there in St.L so i dunno.
but we have top teams/players in the world play coming to play in ours. and we have two indoor courts. and we will be sleeping in beds for the most part. and showers! and we won't be locked in so you can go get some wings at the hooters next door in between games. and weed is decriminalized in MA. and word on the street is tony has like 3 pallets of 4loko stocked he's gonna be selling at terrific mark-up. and so on.

Is there going to be pickup Friday afternoon for out of towners? And what is the temperature going to be like inside the dome? Can't wait to come up and play.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

yes pick up at Allston all day Friday weather permitting. Inside Hockey town will be ice rink temperature . There are a few warmish zones in the main building a and obviously no wind chill, and lights til 11pm or later. The bubble covered tent is only a few degrees warmer than outside but again, no wind chill and lights all night.

Everybody watch this space.

im pleased the tweeds question was answered without me having to ask.......

here i come =)

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"


There's a long-ass waiting list of people with cash in hand...

paypal to bostonhardcourtbikepolo@gmail.com


pay the man!

finally the hard part is over, paypal payment will be cleared by 12/23... woot woot, see you soon!

...meanwhile, enjoy this "boston bruin"...

got paid today the guardians bucks will be sent soon see you guys in a couple weeks cant fuckin wait!!!!!

bucks paid!

ticket booked, warm-ups in New Years day bench minor in Madison, friendlies in Ann Arbor the next week...i'm ready for this! Looking for a place to stay in Boston Friday and Sunday nights still. Anyone have ideas?

might have you covered for friday, bro. sunday should be easy to figure out once you're in town.

anybody down for an impromptu bench minor??? names-in-the-hat-style draft...
could be pretty cool since we'll have a buncha people & space & time (possibly)

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

why can't we just play regular pick up? why does it have to go to a bench minor style? ugh....is this the way of group impromptu polo? i hope not.

group impromptu bike polo IS pick-up already



"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

LCBP is paid in full :)

agile for my size.


beaver boys?
machine politics?

c'mon boys. you don't want to miss this.

Machine Politics is all set. We'd like to thank the taxpayers of Chicago.


Midwest is best!!

Jarrett wrote:

Hey everybody!
The final updates are set.

The cost of the tournament is $80 per team. This includes shared hotel room for the night of the 15th, 2 days of glorious indoor polo, and heaps of delicious Harpoon beer.

Payments are to be sent via paypal to: bostonhardcourtbikepolo@gmail.com

Be sure to include your team name, team members, and contact info when you make the payment.

If you're on the pre-registration list HERE your team has until January first to pay up.

Paid teams will show up on this list.

If you haven't paid by January first, we're taking it as a sign that you're just not that into us, and we're opening up the registration to anyone who will pay.
This means you, waiting list people.

This is going to be so freaking sweet.

more exiting news. I has a dream team is now complete and this opens up another spot for a full team. First team to pay Jarrett $80 and locks in a full team with 3 names get the place.


- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

yes joe. first to register last to pay. like we would ever leave out the world champs.

Look, its almost bed time and I just thought I would remind everybody about a few things.

1) Read the whole thread
2) This tournament is all about the courts
3) Bring at least 4 layers of clothing and spare gloves etc.
4) The courts are hard, fast and dangerous in the wrong hands.
5) Boston with its 6-9 active winter players may not be able to provide housing for everybody on the Friday.
6) Fucking sick prizes
7) If we get another blizzard the week before the tourney - pick up in Allston on the Friday might not happen.
8) Forget bench minor old hat. Boston will someday host an East Coast Super 7 Series (7 teams, 7 cities, 7 players) 2 day round Robin winner, takes all.

Jarrett has this shit on lock down and will fill in more details about what people need to know before arriving.

2 WEEKS!!!

1080 miles to boston from illinois. Anyone need a ride?

i and i just found a bodega with a stockpile of FOUR, all flavors.
here's the catch: they're selling them for $7/can.
anyone who wants some brought to the Boston Lockdown, place your order here.
i and i will charge a $1 service charge.

the table is turning

prince tophy wrote:

i and i just found a bodega with a stockpile of FOUR, all flavors.
here's the catch: they're selling them for $7/can.
anyone who wants some brought to the Boston Lockdown, place your order here.
i and i will charge a $1 service charge.

the table is turning

Dab will be providing a few lokos also.

are there rinks we can use for skating/shinny in between games?

there are two full size ice rinks, but I'm sure they will be booked solid all weekend :(

Javier wrote:

there are two full size ice rinks, but I'm sure they will be booked solid all weekend :(

just to add. Hockey Town is obviously a public facility.
Hockey moms , players, staff will be in the main facility the whole weekend and we will be sharing toilets, snack bars, parking etc.

We will also have plenty of private space to do our business, so lets respect the owners and everybody else by being on best behavior around members of the public.

We have a relationship with the owners that we do not want to ruin. This way we hope to take over Hockey Town and turn it into Polo Town in 2013.

so no point in bringing skates & stick?

Trying to figure out how RVA, NYC and other folks are getting to Boston.
Murphy's are probably going to Boltbus to NYC and try to travel with the
rest of you malcontents to Beantown. Let us know your plans so we can
meet you there.

Probably doesn't matter too much but kaycie, mike, and I are from Richmond, not jacksonville

For any one coming to Boston Friday night (Jan 14) before the tournament I have couch space for two. Two cats. First come first served.
email: iamknotfoursail@gmail.com

I'm in need of couch space?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

What is the hotel/motel for Sat? I need to get a room for Friday night. Unless anyone has room for a couple knuckle-headed drunks.

Nevermind, booked a room.

is there a special rate we can get at the red roof on friday or sunday nights?


Montreal straightening out wheels and travel documents. We are wondering what the time all the polo action starts and ends Saturday and Sunday, any idea of timetable?

Anyone want to start a last minute team with me? I'm coming from Syracuse


Hey Nate,

My man Sean and I need a third last minute so if you are interested you can play with us...

^ Hi Nate- the registration is full with 25 teams (1 is already reserved for Syracuse). If we had the time, space etc we could have had 50 teams with the amount of interest we had. There should be plenty of pick up going on...

Everybody will get a more detailed plan from Jarrett soon but as far as I know these are the hours:

Indoor court: 2pm - 5pm, 7pm - 10pm
covered court: 9am - 10pm

Indoor court: 1pm - 8pm
covered court: 2pm - 10pm



AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! My flight into Boston is CANCELLED!!!! Trying to reschedule in time... stupid weather!

Hey keep me posted kiersten. Let me know how it's going, I leave tomorrow night.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Ok. I've got a flight out for tonight arriving early tomorrow morning... cross your fingers

awww shit. The timing of this blizzard is terrible but i'm glad its tonight instead of Thursday or Friday night. Hold tight everybody and good luck getting here. Remember it can snow all it wants over the weekend (Which it probably wont) and we can still play polo all night. Pick up in Allston on Friday should still happen but with temps maxing out at 25 degrees during the day you'd better bring something warm...

pickup friday is gonna break balls.

^^^ Nevermind what Tobi said, Nate. We had a team bail at the last minute. If you or anyone else wants to pull together a last minute team, email me at jetshamlian@gmail.com. I'll let you know if it can happen.

Anyway to get a preferential rate at Red Roof for Sunday night?

fuck ur face

Yessir. Last I checked the rate stands if you mention Boston Bike Polo. You might need the hotel confirmation number too. Call me to get that. I know a couple people are staying at the hotel tonight for the reduced rate.

Yo! We lost our 3rd and are looking to pick somebody up. Sean Ingram and I.

Hey guys, how are the busses holding up? Assuming that we can get in tomorrow can we actually get around the city? From what I've seen on TV Its not going to be easy to ride from place to place.

the busses and t are working fine but slower.

omg omg omg! tomorrow! see boston tomorrow!

yeah, boston handles the snow pretty well. streets are all clear and everything is running. we're gonna be shoveling the court today/tonight.

if anyone is coming in today and has no idea where to go or what to do with themselves, give me a call:
2sex7 2for2 7sex21

Winter lock down, its goin down. My team is gonna win and everyone else should have just stayed home.

is there a bus that goes from downtown boston to the area where the courts are ? I have no idea how i'm going to get out to the courts from the megabus station

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

who are you staying with and when are you arriving? we got 2 locations where we shuttle people to hockey town. 1 is in Allston near to polo court the other will be in Jamaica Plain. Unless we rent a uhaul we will have to do it in 2 or 3 trips so people will have to be patient.

re: fighting
will Menace and I get ejected if we drop gloves?

Paul, lets chat tomorrow - somebody might get in there first.

UPDATE: The world champs & Joe &Ben of Machine Politics, Chandel, Mack have been clearing the pickup court all day. Its cold its nasty, there is still parts of the court with a foot of snow on it but polo is happening in an igloo. We now have about 35+ people down there including 8 from Seattle. Its all Harpoon fueled tonight we have 8f in the wind chill. The real fun starts tomorrow inside and its due to snow again.

your nose couldn't possibly get much farther up mke's ass

still a bit of room left in there, shame you're not here to see the final push.

found a few reviews of this place:
"I play at many different rinks and by far hockey town is the grossest and most run down rink of them all. i do not recommend it at all. it is not a safe place for small kids, or any kids to be alone for that matter."
"Hockey town is a pit and the worst rink I have ever played in. It has no seating, the ice conditions are fair at best, it seems very run down and sketchy."

I'm fucking stoked.

Fucking epic wish I was there!

results from today's swiss rounds.

Thanks Kev!! Boats and Hoes forever!!

I'm not sure I've ever wanted to be in the nasty cold so bad in my life. With you guys in spirit, keep the updates coming please

What results? Can you point to them again?



Machine Politics vs Beaver Men from kev on Vimeo.

Ben's third goal: Working man's goal. Nice.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

nice job seattle. making cascadia proud.

Guardians (Dusty/Seabass/Julian) 1st,
Cinnamon Rolls Royce ( Paul R Ian D Mark C) 2nd,
Machine Politics 3rd,
Beaver Boys 4th.

Julian and McKenzie MVP.

Cold, awesome weekend.

hockey town was the happiest place in the world. MKE is a jav and tory's right now shedding zombs and ordering pizza for or last night in boston

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Great big thanks to Jarrett and the crew in Boston! We all had a wonderful time.


MTL polo whipped but happy and hungry. Thanks Boston for your awesomeness. Thanks to all those we played, both for bringing it and for your class.

Thank you all so much for making this such an awesome weekend. HockeyTown wrote me and said they loved hosting the event and hope to do it again.
We must have done something right!!

Here's the link:

Slap Shot was all RVA : Mike, Ann, Kaycie

Don't bring cake to a donut fight.

you know we had to come and represent!

Im glad they liked us blazing and pounding brewskins in their establishment

Larry the owner of Hockey Town has a dream about hosting some big polo events in the future. Every little pee wee hockey player that came and watched some polo this weekend is now begging their parents for a polo bike. I guess we spent $$$$ at the snack bar and vending machines and everybody behaved. Thanks everybody and see you next time.

oh shit i could just imagine what a summertime lockin would look like, when none of the rinks are iced. DO IT

The rink outside and the 2 iced rinks are big enough for 4v4. I know I spent at least $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at the snack bar. Also when I climbed over the rink wall towards the back side of the building I found a pile of black label beer cans so, I'm guessing Hockey Town isn't a stranger to alcohol within it's domain.

Don't bring cake to a donut fight.

Thanks a lot to Jarrett and the Boston crew! For this great week-end of bike polo.
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yes Thanks Jarrett was a lot of fun !! cold but so cool...
I am glad to have watched some awesome matchs! Your level is so ....:)
bravo also to McKensie, Maija, Birdie...watched you was superbe

Great job guys I had a blast,cant wait to play there again hopefully when its warm!


Great vibes, great teams, great tournament

Congrats Guardians

Thank you Tori and Jav X 10000

Thank you Chicago for the wake up call

Thanks, Boston!

Glad to here the folks at Hockeytown had a good experience. Nice relationship to have. Let's take over that place some time.

Thanks Boston. That was so fun. Jav and Tori, you two are champs for hosting all of us at your place. Jarrett, way to pull this together.

Once again, learned a ton. Chicago had some wake up calls of our own (Boston, Seattle - Ten. D). Rad to see Paul, Ian, and Mark on that podium. Congrats to Seattle on 1st place and both MVP honors - all well deserved.

And....thanks again.

i had so much fun and the indoor court was fucking awesome see you all soon!! thanks boston bike polo!

so many great matches over the weekend, can't think of a better way to start off the year. really enjoyed seeing paul ian and mark play together, thanks for those bank shots Ian. thanks also to the number 1 nice guy nick and rosie for being some of the best hosts ever, and thanks to everyone that made this thing happen. loved the courts!

Fun ass weekend. So many adventures and good times. It was awesome to see such high caliber polo in a smaller tournament. World class polo.


mcknzi wrote:

It was awesome to see such high caliber polo in a smaller tournament. World class polo.


thanks to all the slayers great and small who came out for making it so. Really cool to meet some new faces from all over, while broing it out to the max with the usual suspects.

glad to hear people loved the courts as much as we do. The outdoor court became sketchy as fuck Saturday night once the temp dropped because of all the slush that was brought in on people's tires throughout the day, but other than that i thought they allowed for some sick polo to play and watch.


Where is Gus with all all the team pics?

The Guardians vs Cinnamon Rolls Royce from kev on Vimeo.

nice video Kev.

*chicken fingers*

...those days are over.


when i filmed this at about 9pm i hadn't eaten anything since breakfast

Loving Ian's bike in the 2nd half

awesome weekend! good job boston, thanks to everyone involved in running this. the courts were really fun to play on, scoreboard and the buzzers were great. thanks a bunch to nick and rosie for taking care of all of us, nick especially for riding all over with us guiding us around in the frigid nights. see you all again soon, hopefully when it's a bit warmer

Another great event put on by the Boston crew. Thanks for all the non-East Coasters for making the trip out, and making the competition level so high. So many great teams, I love how challenging tournaments are these days.
Thanks to Mark and Ian for mixing it up. After years of games and opposition, it's a dream to collaborate.
Respect to Seattle for being so calm, intelligent and dominant. Julian just adds a whole other level to that team.
Props to Bourbonic Plague for really being a formidable opponent. The Lexington connection was really impressive.
See you all soon.

Thanks for a great weekend Boston, and as usual nice to see and play some amazing games!

A special thanks to Bri and Jarrett for housing us and making an amazing breakfast :)

Thanks to Mack and Mr. Murphy....Moonshine!!

And thanks to Ben and JT......love my RVA boys!


Thanks Boston! I had a blast the inside court was awesome. Extra thanks to my awesome teammates. Tiff, Mckinze you two ladies are the best hope to play together soon! Boats and hoes!!!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Thanks everyone, You all make me smile.

thank you boston. that was such a great winter tournament! congrats to seattle!

jav and tori, you guys are amazing hosts! can't thank you enough.

see you all in the warmer months.


agh fuck nickregan's the first thing I see on that link goddamn that's the best picture I've ever seen of him

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16


Has anyone seen those team photos that Gus was taking?


try emailing him.. that's how i got mine.