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Boston's Halloween Bike Polo Tournament

Saturday, October 31, 2009
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We're putting on a little one day 2v2 tourney on Halloween Day.

If any out of towners are interested in coming, please let me know.


United States

Signed up

mostly i just wanted to post our flyer here. but if anyone wants to come and play, please do. We will play regular pickup at our main court that Sunday as well.

Jav, with a flier like that you should sound a lot more stoked!

And since you have the sign ups closed.... I'll list my name right here, Doug

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

haha! I suck at promoting stuff.

I've opened up the registration and fixed the map. This court is less than a hundred yards from my house(on Rosemary Street), where there is ample room for visitors to crash. There is a second small rink we can use about 5 minutes away if enough teams show up. There will be an awards party at my house once we wrap up.

We will play pickup that Friday night and Sunday as usual on our regular court.


who's your second, Doug?

jav how's it looking?
trying to get some nyc teams up for this
can i stay at your place?

yeah man, come on up!

we got about 7-9 local teams playing. the format is gonna be a double elim bracket. games will be a set amount of time (10-15 min depending on how many teams there are) and whoever has the most goals at the end of that time wins.

the court is pretty small, but plays well. here are some pics so you get an idea. there is a second court nearby that we can use, too.

the awards party will be at my place down the block. prizes are gonna be some bike shop t-shirts and some bern helmets and what not. COSTUMES ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. it's fucking halloween after all.

and yeah i can personally house 6-10 peeps if people don't mind camping out in my dining room. there is a guest bedroom too and a futon and a lot of floor space.

there is an alley cat race happening that night immediately afterwards and a subsequent after party we could hit up.. i don't really know the deets on that since it was just announced.

sunday we'll have regular pickup at our main court if you guys want to stick around for that.

sorry you guys didn't come up. you would have all gotten skunked!

wow, that court looks really awesome!

it's perfect for 2v2. we played a couple 3v3 games and it gets a little tight. oh yeah it's also on my block. :)