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Broken Coconut

Sunday, August 14, 2011
Host club: 
Honolulu Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
1 court standard hockey ring

Hawaii's first tournament. All welcomed from near and far. Come rep your city/club/teams by playing in polodise. Set up is bracket style. If you can make it let me know we can try to figure out housing.


Hawaii Kai Hockey Rink Honolulu, HI
United States

Signed up

If this was in February, I would've considered. Change the date and i'm sure you'll get a way better turn out!

Sick poster.


coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

I'd love to go but 1 month lead time is pretty tight scheduling-wise. August is top of the $ea$on airfare too.

x2 on February.


Im there!

I love the poster. I want to go to this.


same here. winter plzzzz!

2007 - King of The Juice

Will Dog the Bounty Hunter be in attendance?

I think this club is also thinking of throwing a 24 team tourney in February

DO THIS!!!!!!!!


he said he'll come but only if he can play on his big wheel... he's too short to ride any other bike

valentines polo massacre in the works... Broken Coconuts will be a good tourney though. We would definitely love to see some teams come out from the mainland in february!

Mowgli wrote:

valentines polo massacre in the works... We would definitely love to see some teams come out from the mainland in february!

Swimming in a warm ocean, Leonard's malasadas, li hing mui, trade winds … how can I not go ? Count me in for your Valentines massacre. MACHINE has also expressed interest. I'll start looking for a house to rent/destroy.

I tournament that girlfriends will want us to attend...

honolulu get pumped. just two weeks away!

you guys got your wheel covers in yet?
remember, get me pics!!

give blood. play polo.

@dustin....that would be funny if dawg watched the games...i soooo am gona be there one day


Congrats Malty(?) and Jeff!


give blood. play polo.

Yes pictures!