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California Ladies Bike Polo Summit - L.A. 6 training camp

Saturday, April 5, 2014 - Sunday, April 6, 2014
Host club: 
Capitol Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Christine 916-616-0059
Court size: 
Folsom / Davis

BASIC TRAINING!!!! April 5-6, 2014 This is a two day lady only tournament to be held in Sacramento & Davis . Get your teams for Ladies Army 6 together and come get your practice on. The details are still being ironed out but we wanted to get it on the calendar.

Registration docs are available.



Ernie Sheldon Park & West Manor Park
362 Natoma Station Dr, Folsom, CA 95630
Sacramento, CA
United States

Signed up

So I am IN !
I have a question re: signup. I haven't convinced my team to venture to California (yet?) so do I register as a 1 lady team and get set up while I'm there, or find a team that wants 2 have me as a 3rd ? Should i wait on my teammates to register or what idk dont make fun

MEG! that's awesome. We will have a few ladies looking for teammates so just pack up and get here!
Sam, Tony & I have been communicating about the format and will finalize plans for the weekend. We have decided to play a full lady day on Saturday in Folsom and then a co-ed bench on Sunday in Davis. We have lots of male supporters who will be with us for the weekend and that will allow them some time on the courts. This is going to be a great weekend and my hope is that we can do this annually.

You should check out the other thread:


I know Catastrophe from Santa Cruz and Stella from Eureka are both single ladies too! As far as registration goes you'll have to talk to Sam from SF, I think she's the one that is setting up registration.

Hey everyone, we now have a Facebook event page, check it out!

California Ladies Bike Polo Summit NOW WITH COED BENCH!

Oh dang, I figured a co-ed bench would be added on either end to a 2-day tournament, rather than shrinking to a 1-day tournament with bench...Can't a woman have it all?!

that was fun

This event is going to remain focused on a ladies tournament aimed at getting ready for Ladies Army. The length of the tournament is going to be dependent on how many teams we have signed up. The tournament will be a full round, where each team gets to play each other and a double elimination. The double elimination will likely be held Sunday morning followed by a co-ed bench.

We can have it all and we will!

Please make this to official theme song for the tourney..

Some sort of opening ceremony with hologram performance will suffice.

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

so many ideas...not enough time!

Am I the only one a *little* confused/annoyed with two threads? Motion to consolidate?

Let's keep it here with the tournament signup huh?

This would probably be resolved by a third thread.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

motion accepted! everyone sign up :) this 'little' tourney of ours is becoming the place for ladies to get together and slay. we'd like to get an idea of how many teams will be here so we can plan accordingly. continue to sign up as a loose cannons and teams get registered!!!

My team registered with a TBD which is now filled, who can I send the info to?

and where can we see what other teams are registered?

Hey Kayleigh - I think Sam owns the signup list. I'd talk to her about who's on & such. Pumped you're making the trip!

We were talking and it's amazing how much momentum this tournament has! We throw friendlies and tourneys all the time in Davis & Sacramento and we get participation from all over California and sometimes LV. But we throw something special like this and we get people travelling from all over! Can't wait to meet everybody!

I'm so freaking excited! Only been to Cali once. My team is coming from NYC and TO, who should we contact re: rides to/from the airport (if available)? Booking flights this week I hope


This is the link for registered teams. Davis and Sac...shaking my head in disappointment that none of your teams have registered yet.

Loose Cannons register here...................


Teams register here................................


Thanks Sam for handling this part of it :)

Anyone who needs help with transportation &/or lodging please fill out this doc and we will do our best to help you arrange your itinerary...


If you want anyone to fill this out, you need to grant privileges to edit this document. Thanks!

well shizzz anyone needing housing or transportation
look me up 916-616-ohoh59

Sactopants is coming home!! for 3 days....

rad :)

Anyone have interest in camping on Saturday night? I am trying to find somewhere kinda close to Davis to get our camp on since we are playing in Davis day two. if any Sac or Davis folks have a recommendation please let me know. CAR CAMPING!

I was super into this until I saw the car aspect. I won't have a car, but I love a good excuse to camp...

shotgun your bike!

Well there will be plenty of cars and rides so no worries on that level. I'm going to write a message to the current attendees list to see who's keen.

I haven't stayed there but I'm pretty sure there are campgrounds by lake berryessa. It's a bit of a drive (~30 minutes) but there's a nice hike around the area

Here's the sign up for camping if interested:


Sam if you have less than 15 peeps for camping you can just camp at my house. Its free and alot closer than lake berressa im sure i spelled that wrong but you get the idea

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Are you sure? I didn't want to ask or put you out based on the last time we camped at your house :(

Yes. If its not too many

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Right now we have about 9/10 peeps, so that would be rad if you don't mind!

Perfect! you guys wouldn't be able to have a campfire if you can't anywhere else

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

I drove by the KOA in W Sac yesterday :( Joe's backyard has MUCH more ambiance!

Is anyone still looking for a team for this. might have the money, might make the time.


There is a loose canon google doc somewheres. I think above, and also on the FB event page for this... if you have a FB

shotgun your bike!

ahhhh! just a few more days! registration is still open. lots of ladies turning up as loose cannons so if you are on the fence, come on over to the dark side. we're waiting!

I just registered my team. This event is free then, correct?

...those days are over.


Correct. No fee to play. Glad you are making the trip and that you like the poster art. I think it's pretty fantastic too! See ya in a few days... :)

Also, I appreciate the event poster design. The choice to move away from the "battered woman" motif was relieving to see. Nice work!

...those days are over.



So stoked!