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Cambridge Christmas Tournament

Sunday, December 7, 2014
Host club: 
Cambridge Polo (UK)
Contact info: 

So Christmas is just around the corner and Cambridge Bike Polo thought why not put an awesome end of year tourney!

This will be a one day event with full use of the centres facilities.

Hopefully we are going to put on some food and there will be hot and cold drinks.

The amount of teams is up to you, but are looking to cap it at around 14-16 teams.

The date is not set in stone, so make your division here-
The date has had to be changed to the 7th due to a football tournament at the school and the 16th is out.

The format will be announced closer to the Tournament, depending on teams we might even do a round robin, with a top 4 play off.

Entrance will be £7 per player.

Deadline will be the 30th November for teams signing up.
Start a list on here and register your team by emailing your team name and players to cambridgebikepolo@gmail.com



Shirley School Cambridge
United Kingdom

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