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Carolina Classic: the hoedown throwdown

Saturday, August 18, 2012 - Sunday, August 19, 2012
Host club: 
Winston Salem
Contact info: 
Court size: 

North Carolina is hosting our first big tournament! The Carolinas are a growing polo scene with 5+ cities playing and people joining every day and its high time we throw down. Sick polo, new friends, and party times await us.

-Registration begins July 28th at hardcourtbikepolo.org

-Date: Weekend of August 18-19th. Clear your schedules! Tournament both days with pickup being played before and after.

-Teams of 3x3. Will have singles to throw together mixed teams.

-Lots of pick up on all days. Other fun activities all days.

-You have any problems ASK wsbikepolo@gmail.com

-Brand spanking new throwdown™ tournament system

-Open to all SE

-Contact Ann for housing.

-Wes bringing the jams and spinning wax for us!!!

- Address added, check google maps!

-More secret and special things planned


Asheville NC Asheville , NC
United States

Signed up

Hell yeah! Group me in with Asheville, we'll be there

Let's Murderlize Them

might be in for this

might be? to bad im not healed in anyway to come stir thing up with you mike

might be? to bad im not healed in anyway to come stir things up with you mike

This is gonna be the jam!!!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

You have my attention.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Way to be NC!

-DFL folife


Check it out yall!!!

It's gonna be a party in your pants kinda fun!!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

can't see the event or the picture ya posted. What's it listed as?


Now in freewheel flavor!!

I'll be coming from Ft. Bragg, as long as I don't get deployed. I need a team! Lefty, physical, pretty fast, well rounded offense and defense, 2nd place All Florida 2011, MVP Ft. Myers Bear Polo 2011, 3rd place All Florida 2009... Let me know!

you better not get deployed! Or else someone else needs to give me a ride from Charlotte!

hey now joey, miss you buddy make it out to Denver . 2nd huh? haha

A " Hoedown" was, and occasionally still is, also used to mean a dance jointly sponsored by several dance clubs or by a federation of clubs.        Wiki

Bike polo is like a dance party on your bike!      Jackson 

Can't wait bust a move wit all you fools!!

Charlotte, NC  Saturday Sunday, August 18th-19th 

Put that shit on yo calendar!! Y'all better be fixin to git on over her!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

Charleston is comin...just a matter of how many.

Bring em all! We can hook up the rest with teams.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Get at Miah Goodwin!

Credo quia absurdum

Open invite for the summer in Asheville. Our local hockey club doesn't play during the summer so the medium sized roller hockey rink is open for the weekends! Weekday nights too.
We play every Sunday from 4pm til dark! Sweet as fuck court and it's lower temperatures than anywhere else in th SE! We got rivers, lakes and mountains!
Housing and all that shit too!
Stoked as fuck for the HoeDown in Charlotte!
We play hillbilly style!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

The rink is sweet! Pick up is plentiful and temperature is coooooool.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Thanks bud!
Always a pleasure having you!
We'll make it happen here too. It will be the jam!
Come again soon.

Holding it down!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

Cool wit a capital "C"!!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

Wilmington is rolling in an EconoVan equipped with a keg, portable PA equipped with 3 DJ's and speakers! See y'all fuckers there!

We are also claiming team name: Cape Fear Fuckaneers / Pirates (Black Jerseys with Jolly Roger Logo)

Fuck yeah!
Bring the ruckus!!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

Registration will begin this weekend, it will be ready!!

Every other game will be a "Throwdown Hoedown", essentially a throw in by team. You will also be able to challenge other teams directly if you think you've got the skills to pay them bills (think, you just got served)!
Teams will be scored by tourney wins, points and hoedown wins(also overall awesomeness)!

All teams will required to wear matching team shirts or jerseys from their state of origin. They can be your local high school team, college or pro team from your area. When you register, claim your teams (team) name also.

ex; Team Bitch Slappers / TPA FL / Marlins, Team Nuts on Chin / AVL NC / TarHeels. I really want to promote regional pride!!!

Asheville's A team claims TarHeels!!

If you fuckin whine and claim to be so poor, your team still has to wear matching colors, or play shirtless(Ladies too, legal in N.C.)!!

AVL claims TarHeels, thank you.

Fuck ya yall! Getting super stoked to see everyone, this is gonna be a party!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

Asheville's A team?!?! I don't think you know what Kori, Gabe and I just got brewing!

Let's Murderlize Them


First throwdown before the tournament has even started! For glory!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

UPDATE: We settled this today. Jackson is correct. With a 5-1 win, we are in fact the Asheville A team.

5-TWO!!! And I'm gonna be a sore loser and blame it on mechanicals.... But A team until surprise victory at the tourney ;)

Let's Murderlize Them

Rollin' rollin' rollin'
Though the streams are swollen
Keep them dogies rollin'

We're rolling out west to Asheville! This means more courts, more beer, and more polo. What's not to love? This is going to let us throw an even better tournament so hang on to the reins! Now if you have outstanding warrants or ex's in Asheville or travel is tough let me know and we'll fix the problem.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

I do have an ex in Asheville...ain't stoppin me though.

clearly should just challenge them and put any squabbles to rest.

By Jove! I think he's got it!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

I want to sign up for the hoedown, but am having trouble signing in. Can you hook me up... i'll bring my own hoe!!

oh shit, wrecked again!

I want to sign up for the hoedown, but am having trouble signing in. Can you hook me up... i'll bring my own hoe!!

oh shit, wrecked again!

Got you signed up, if you cant see it soon let me know. I look forward to throwing down with you!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Big shoutout to our new sponsors

Highland Brewery, delicious brew from the mountains!
Oowee Koozie, high quality all natural leather koozies.
Oury, World Famous, one and only, Oury!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo


Credo quia absurdum

Where's the rink at in Asheville? I'm gonna be in town visiting family Sunday. If y'all are playing I might try and swing by.

500 Amboy Rd Asheville, NC 28806. Head up the big wooden bridge and you'll spot the hockey rink. Now once you arrive spin around three times, do a bunny hop, and present your beer as an offering and you may enter.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

200 Amboy.

We didin't play this weekend cause we were working on the new court at the "Foundation"!
Building a badass rink for Saturday play!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

I just want to make sure everyone knows:
This is not going to be the regular old boring swiss rounds and double elimination tourney. This is a hoedown!! the system will be explained to everyone the first day.

annsilver wrote:

This is a hoedown!!

Got it.

Love it -- hoedown is the new dog soccer!

please e-mail me at a.e.silver23@gmail.com
for housing requests. we don't have tons of inside space but we have LOADS of yard/camping space. let me know what your preference is for inside/outside and we'll get everyone hooked up! thanks!

going to start cleaning the new court this morning guys! EXCITEMENT

Any chance i can a ride from charlotte friday night?


Check back for more updates on the map!! Housing will be added too!!

Contact for me also, Jackson 828 702 4391 also (617sixoneseven@gmail.com)

Now in freewheel flavor!!

Altamont Brewing company 9pm Friday night for beers and meet up and more info!!
My contact 828 703 4391!!!!
Feel free to come to the main court at Paneling world to help and check it out. There till dark!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

Awesome time at the Asheville Hoedown, Throwdown this past weekend. Check out pics from Saturday's setup and competition, live from the Polodrome: http://frankheflin.photoshelter.com/gallery-slideshow/G0000eg4zHdxYIRc/?...


woo photos!

Thanks for coming to my party!!
So badass to meet everyone!!
Had an amazing time and I learned a lot on and off of the court!!
Thanks for your help with the brackets!!! Very much!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!