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carolinor minor 15
Saturday, August 8, 2015 - Sunday, August 9, 2015
Host club: 
Asheville Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 


invitational polo match
hosted by avlhbp

bench with carolina bbq sauce

last year, raleigh hosted an impromptu mini bench tournament with teams and players consisting mostly of north carolinians. the asheville team took home the title, thus, we are your hosts.

we'd like to extend invitations this year to all states bordering Our Fair Carolina. tennessean, georgian, and virginians are welcome. carolinians, north and south, have priority and may receive multiple invites. clubs who share an invite may build their team from either city. EDiT: florida, one north and one south will be accepted.

to our neighbors, this is our thank-you tournament. the objective is to polo as much as possible while deducing which club may deem itself, the CAROLINOR MINOR CHAMPS.

the details:

ten teams EDiT: twelve. one court. carrier park hockey court w lights. apprx 140' x 68' w dugouts. thirty minute matches. no score cap. crease rule.

five player minimum. eight player maximum. uniforms are required. so are helmets.


raleigh / winston salem ~ 2 invites
charleston ~ 1 invite
knoxville / chattanooga / nashville ~1 invite
memphis ~ 1 invite
atlanta/athens ~1 invite
richmond/charlottesville ~ 1 invite
DC / lancaster ~ 1 invite
EDiT: north florida ~ 1 invite
south florida ~ 1 invite

asheville will have 2 teams

if a club cannot RSVP to one or both of their invites, we will consider sending more and/or combing more states.

Registration Is Open. $12/player. Team Captains may send their team roster and colors to avlhbp@gmail.com

sweet vids of the court @ www.ashevillehockey.org


carrier park asheville, NC
United States

Signed up

ohhh i will be there!



Pretty Colors!!! Colors Come. Who gets pink? So pretty in pink?

one or two courts? lights? If lights then lights until ?

one court with lights til 10pm each night


Nvrmnd yall have fun

ill be there