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Cascadia Triple Crown presents Oregon Bike Polo Championships

Friday, April 16, 2010 - Sunday, April 18, 2010
Host club: 
Portland Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Double tennis court with lights.

There will be more details coming soon. This is the date start planning now for the sweetest weekend of polo.


Rose City Park
Tillamook st 62 nd ave
Portland, OR
United States

Signed up

Skid and Destroy rides again!

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

east van will be defending their title!


P/M Hardcourt

I'm there.

i'm not gonna miss it this year!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

That sucks dude, now you won't be able to rep Seattle.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

Waaaaa!!!! Must be at wedding that weekend.

Team Retroactive Abortion: Kenichi, Brian P. and myself hereby registers. Just bought my airfaire...

i think drew said this was for cascadians only. sorry joker, guess you'll have to move up here.

I would if there was a Polo Rink and good Mexican food somewhere in that region! But Pier Park is certainly majestic, and I look forward to all my visits up there. I love Portland.

Joker in LA wrote:

I would if there was a Polo Rink and good Mexican food somewhere in that region! But Pier Park is certainly majestic, and I look forward to all my visits up there. I love Portland.

We got the mexican food, it's an in 'n' out that we are lacking

Oh In 'n' Out. That IS something I miss dearly. Good mexican food too. Sorry Cascadia, but your mexican food just doesn't cut it the way a good California burrito does.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

He is a Cascadian, a Baja Cascadian. I mean look at that beard!

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

who needs a teammate??? skid and destroy...your mine.. happy polo.

Matt Messenger
since 1998

Looking forward to it messman

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

So cascadians only huh? I think I still have my oregon id somewhere. Does that count? I'll wear my nicest pendelton and talk non stop about coffee and the blazers just to prove it!

"I'm making it look mean!"

see, you just think you're from san francisco. you can take the boy out of cascadia, but you can't take the cascadia out of the boy. blazers, best team name ever.

This is in a month. Any more info?

We have been having meetings weekly and things are in the works, We are working with the parks department for our location options for the tournament, this should be posted in the next week or so along with a lot of other info about the tourney. thank you for your continued interest, we hope you will come and participate in this awesome event in Bike city USA.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN


slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

team pololdschool!

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Please if everyone can pre register for this event so we can pick a bracket style with the estimated amount of people. plus we will be taking care of housing cecilyu@gmail.com send an e-mail to that and she will take care of you.we only got a few more weeks before this event.


ok, folks, the orc's are here. i'm taking care of housing and pre-reg. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you know you're coming, email the following to me at cecilyu@gmail.com:

1) If you know your team, one person from your team send me your team roster (full names of players, name of team if you know it, city/cities).
1a) If you are looking for a team and would like us to try and match you up, send me your individual information (full name, city, level of play).

2) Day you are arriving and method of arrival for everyone on your team. Do you need a pick-up/escort from the train or plane?

3) **THIS IS IMPORTANT** Do you need housing? If so, for how many? And, are you deathly allergic to cats or dogs or sleeping on the floor or in a tent?

Ok, that oughta be about it. See you in a few weeks!

i'm seriously considering this, gotta be in the bay area the following week. throwing my hat in the ring. teammates?

If I can't find Cascadia team mates going to all three events, I will be there looking for a team as well. Do we have a possible third?

P/M Hardcourt

Okay Kev, I wasn't planning on going to this, but your invitation is tempting. Wanna play polo? I'll have to still work out some logistics. Would be nice to meet you after years of phone and email conversations!

That would be awesome, but i'm not sure if i can pull this off ... i'll know more this week...

SO stoked for this! I <3 Portland

drew i want a rematch at the foot race


Yes, everyone, there will be footraces. Ask Max for details.

I will win that footrace, I bet a 40oz on it.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

We'll see about that.

Foot polo too?

I'm not even bringing a bike.

I'm only begining to realize how excited I am for this. I might even remember bandaids and super glue this time!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Count It! Count It!

P/M Hardcourt

Chaotic Neutral Slayers!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

cecily is taking care of housing, but kayla and i are happy to announce that we got a great new loft space across the street from cecily's house so..... dont hesitate good polo people we have ample space and the corner store sells FOUR loco!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

now that's polove and hospitality, just throwing it out there to the poloverse......most excellent. I wish I could make it. yet to play south of the 49. on my list of things to do.

....... __o
.... ( )/( ) \o

kevin i have money invested in southwest airlines right now if i can find a flight i will play with you.


can't do it! but that would be awesome.

and then just stay kremin!!!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

yeah stay!

yeah, YEAH, stay! my basement is your basement.

Here is our tentative schedule:
Friday: Pickup games in the evening at an alternate court, TBA.
Saturday: Full day of seeding, starting at 10:00 at Rose City Park.
Sunday: The shit gets real, starting at 10:00 at Rose City Park.


Sunday double elimination?

hey all, im looking to pick up a team or be picked up once i get up there (driving up from central CA) i would say im at an intermediate level. let me know if you need a third player or if you would like to join on the search for our own third player! thanks

putting southern oregon on the map

Coming for the Filmed By Bike Fest..staying for the Polo.
East Van Rocks.
'Nuff said.

"It's not the bullet with my name on it that worries me. It's the one that says, "To Whom it may Concern".

Emery, one of the guys here is still looking for a team, and there may be a kid in from philly who is looking as well, I have no doubt we can find you a team to play on.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

If you're coming down for the tournament, click here: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=1064467856218161...

This Google map will tell you everywhere you need to be.


1) If you have requested housing, please click on the little red bed icons to see the different locations. I've indicated who is staying at each location. East Van, if you're on Pieter's bus, you're the "Polo Bus." *****If you need a place to stay and do not find yourself on this map, it's because I haven't heard from you or you haven't confirmed your situation. Please email me ASAP (cecilyu@gmail.com) if this applies to you.

2) We will be playing pick-up at Peninsula City Park (see map) on Friday night until 10:30pm. If you arrive in Portland before 10:30, please come directly to the northeast corner of the park.

3) After 10:30, we will continue registration and drinking at either Duckett's Public House or the Alibi (both on the map). We'll make a decision as to which location around 10pm. We'll ride as a group from the courts. If you're arriving in Portland post-10:30, please call or text me (608-658-0625) and we'll let you know which location we're at.

4) Tournament begins on Saturday morning at 10am SHARP. Meaning you must be there by 9:30, no joke. We're aiming to get at least 6 games per team in on Saturday, so your promptness is appreciated (ahem, Pieter). Tournament is at Rose City Park, a different location from Friday night pick-up.

We're super excited to see you all. Do your sun dances, take Friday off work, and we'll see you soon!

View ORCs in a larger map

there is no polobus, she got booked.

i'm to assume that's pacific time?

i want to bet $5 on games starting at ten sharp in portland. maybe people will be going to bed by ten sharp? isn't morning polo illegal in oregon?

I'll take the bet that, regardless of start time, Pieter isn't there for it.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

wow, big chance taker. we made it to the courts from another country faster than he made it across town.

you're on martin. five blocks is the new "across town". downhill.

Aaaaaand, we're staying at the same place. I'll even give you a couple of "come on Pieter's" for good measure.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

You guys, I'm looking forward to seeing you all this weekend.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN


More folks have been added to housing on the Google Map.

We've got some couches, but mostly floor space, so please bring sleeping bags, mats, and other creature comforts!

View ORCs in a larger map

can't wait to see my other family this weekend....polo!

Matt Messenger
since 1998

damm its gonna be super sick yo.. sucks im missing out..

"We don't need no education"

Big love David! I'm gonna be missin you. Blocker! Blocker! Blocker!

(Canucks 2 - Kings 2)

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

we lost.. bummer.. hey henry u mean on the nuts.. hahah wish i was there Drinking some beers with u Falcon..

"We don't need no education"

aw nuts david!

south cascadia! north cascadia can't wait to drink your beer!

Balls, can't make it. I'll be with you all in polo spirit though. Can't wait for the results!

P/M Hardcourt

Last year was a blast! If your staying at the the POLOHAUS be sure to have some of ringers beacon for breakfast! He cooks that shit well!

ohh reese! wish you could be here!

I was really missing it while working this weekend. Can't wait to see the results and pictures!

P/M Hardcourt

*edit- made it! thanks that was awesome*

So what are todays wheather conditions at the Oregon Bike Polo Championships?

What are the details? who won?

Did Balls Deep KILL IT AGAIN?

hey so did you guys use the proposed North American "official rules", curious to get some feedback on how it went if so.

I believe the proposed rules were used with the exception of the infinite goal height with I think is a Portland rule.
It seems important that are designated refs that have been briefed before the tournament. Having rules doesn't get us anywhere unless we have people enforcing them with confidence.

Requiring people to pass to a team mate after ball jointing seems like the kind of rule that makes the level of attentiveness required by a ref excessive. I think, as long as a player is using their mallet or bike to move the ball down the court it should be up to them how they do it.

I felt the (modified) official rules were good to have in place, especially since it was a tournament game and everyone was playing at their most intense. Really, I see the rules as being there to enforce "safe" play.

That said, everyone at the tournament played with superb manners, and there were an unprecedented number of courtesy taps, as well as stoppage of play on gnarly crashes, or accidental mechanical sabotage. Time and time again instead of taking advantage of a power play, the game was paused not by the refs, but by the players themselves, out of respect for their fellow man. Good show everyone!


You guys still coming to Pullman? We will have plenty of time to fill you in at length. Fantastic weekend, much love to all my polo family. Thank you!!

Thanks for a great weekend Portland!

Thanks for everything portland! It was righteous meeting all of you fine players. Chris, thanks so much for putting us up, you know we got you back sometime up here :D Much love for the Polofamily!

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

1st place Team smile (seattle)
2nd Place trifoil ( east van)
3rd place Les Boom AKA bonner butt (seattle)
4th Place micerating Marties (Portland)

lots of fun thank you everyone for coming and we will be doing is again in 5 weeks.

Furthest Traveled: LA Joker
1st annual Ben Shultz award: Nick (Victoria)
Best Dressed: Dino vs. Robots Shannon/Max/Bottles
MVP: Mike (seattle)
WMVP: Kirsten (Seattle)

YEAH Dino vs. Robot! Hope the helmet held up Shannon!

What does one win the Ben Schultz award for?

sportsmanship ;-)

Don't forget the winners of the Master's category! Congrats to Limba (Messman, Swerve, Mason).

Wow! Now I'm waiting for the pics~!

yes did anyone take pictures of the weekend i dont have a camera and did not take a single picture our sponsors are looking for pictures as well please help us out by letting us see them.

thanks to cecily for the play by play, poloworld rocks! countitcountitcountit. . dad :o)

Portland and everyone, I had an awesome weekend. Thanks for the new Category in polo! Masters...! finally. Hey OLY....super fun playing all that pick up with you guys and I hope to polo with ya again. HEY, on sunday evening, I had 3 mallet on court that someone might of used for pick or something. They would have been laying together. 1.White atomic with basket and 2" black abs, 2. black pole with used red head with holes grip is white bar tape, and 3. Brand new black/silver graphics with basket and black hockey tape with blank 2" abs. Please let me know if you see them!!!!!!!! thanks.

Matt Messenger
since 1998

Hey Mess, We've got at least two of them at our house - I'll have Mike bring them up next weekend. Also, we've got a pair of Carharts with a SF Bike Polo patch on the ass (Forest?), a pair of ladies jeans left lying in the grass on Sunday, an old blue sleeping bag, a southwestern style blanket, and a pair of glasses left at my house. Also maybe a u-lock.

****** TO EVERYONE WHO STAYED AT MY HOUSE - I'm missing a blue and white quilt. It's kind of important to me, so if it accidentally got mixed up with your things, I'd appreciate its return. Please take a minute to check. Thanks.

Thanks Cecily, I appreciate that.

Matt Messenger
since 1998

The jeans are Liza's. She is also missing a pair of sunglasses that have a rainbow stripe across them. If you could send them up with Pack Mule Mikey, that would be great. :-) Thanks again for putting us up.

thank you portland! crandall (sp) and cecily for being so accommodating, and to all the teams for the great games. can't wait to come back, and hope to see each and every one of you in victoria for bike prom

Thanks Portland! Great weekend. Excellent work all around. Thanks everyone for the good games. Thanks Cecily for the prizes (even though I don't really remember claiming mine) Slayers you know you are getting thanked for the hospitality. You two really are the best. It was great meeting more people and it was awesome to play in my first tournament outside of Canada and the first time ever playing in Portland. You guys do it right!

My apologies to anyone I played pick-up with on Sunday night. I'm not sure what I was even doing on the court. Four Loko took the reigns of my polo bike and steered me in the wrong direction.

Awesome pictures from a local photographer, Greg, here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/49467712@N08/sets/72157623761550725


P/M Hardcourt

Thank you Slayers.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

thank you cascadia!
thank you portland, great show everyone who worked on this.

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Awesome weekend portland! Thank you so much.

Here are my photos from the weekend, although they are pretty much all east van:


Freakin sweet weekend, great organisation PDX. Thanks for the incredible hospitality at the Slayer Hotel, Goaliesaurus for life!



i think this is where most of the trouble began.

what a great way to start the season off cascadia, portland we love you even more than before if that is even possible. i can't believe just how good everyone has become in the past year, so many surprising players and teams. everyone has obviously been working hard because i saw some mad skills on display. kelly, kiersten, and kelsey threw down the best game i have ever seen them play, i think the victoria boys are on the cusp of greatness, the slayers just slayed (go figure), and the dark horses were really fun to watch. great shots, great passes, great games.

from staying at the slayers' paradise with east van to watching the matches court side with old friends, it was a perfect polofamily reunion weekend. thanks south cascadia for all the hard work and dedication, you pulled off good times for everyone like you always do. special thanks to slayson and slayla for letting us destroy your beautiful home and alienate your neighbours, we tried our best, you can unthank us next time.

congratulations seattle, you played awesome, that was a great final match to be a part of. miss you all, can't wait until next time.

Thank You Portland, I really appreciate all the hard work you guys put in. Drew, Crandall, Meg, Wheelie Mark, Ringer, and anyone I may be forgetting thanks for such a fun weekend. The food was delicious, The courts were nice and lit, with decent boards all around. I also enjoyed the very clear rules review at the beginning. The diagramming of blindside hits (not allowed) was both informative and entertaining. And as for the polo, Such a high level of play from all the teams in attendance, so many excellent squads. Congratulations Seattle and Vancouver (again). But I must say the hottest games (to watch) for me weren't the finals, but the Vancouver vs. Vancouver and Seattle vs. Seattle games that preceded them. Those were thrillers I won't soon forget. Can't wait to return next year, if not sooner.