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2014 Cascadia qualifier

Saturday, May 24, 2014 - Sunday, May 25, 2014
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The Jud

Hello You Beautiful Polo People,

Welcome to Seattle for another round of qualification. This is a 24 team tournament, MAX! And I do stress the max part, no exceptions will be made to increase the size of this here CQ. Please keep this in mind when you register, if you are not planning on going to North Americans, maybe come down for the spectatin' but leave the competition to those who are gunning for those 11 qualifying spots.

The tournament will be two courts, uncovered with no lights. Games will begin early and will go rain or shine, please be on time. No team will begin play without full team payment, teams need to be at the court, signed in and paid before they can play, forfeitures will be threatened and enforced...how many times have we done this?? We all know the drill.

Registration requires at least one team member to have a Podium profile:

Sign-up for the CQ will be handled though NAH:

More information will be posted here as it becomes available (housing, party, group rides, all of this is TBD). If you know you're coming down, it might be a good idea to tap your friends in the community about housing, there is no provided housing, you should make your own arrangements.


Seattle, WA
United States

Signed up

Much info. Wow.


AirInHand wrote:

Much excite. Wow.

fixed it for you.

So actually there is some housing. We have some space, so it will be granted on a first come first served basis.

E-mail me at crlosciale@gmail.com with the answers to the following:
1. Who needs housing? How many?
2. When are you planning on arriving in Seattle for the tourney?
3. What is your phone number? (shared only with your host)
4. Have you listened to Danzig lately?
5. When are you planning on leaving Seattle?

I will send you a confirmation email within a few days. If we fill up though, I won't leave you hanging and I'll tell you immediately that we don't have anymore housing so you can make arrangements.


goddamn fuck yeah danzig.

Also, the Groups for saturday are split and on Podium.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Also, If you have adjustments to your line up or team name please let me know.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Please change team name to: the Full Kenichi's. Thx...

And The Fleet could be changed to The Liberators! Thanks!

Can you please chance the TBD in the afternoon bracket (Russell, Whilly, John) to Team Schwing. Thank you!


If you use instagram, #casq2014 is the hash tag for this tournament! these pictures will be visible on the hardcourtpodium page and probably will make for good viewing for all those who can't attend.
looking forward to the weekend ahead and looking at the pictures the next week after. cheers!

Coming down Friday morning. Not playing but volunteering my time to help out with whatever is needed for the tourney. I haven't taken the refs class so I can't ref though.

I know it's supposed to be a little wet tomorrow, is anyone thinking about pick-up tomorrow afternoon?

Worth it.

dudemanbro... SBP thinks about pickup every day of the week. count it!

Hey all, pickup will be happening on Friday even if it is wet outside. We do share the courts on Friday so around 7 or 8pm when the dodgeballers show up, we will need to pack it in and hit the Autobattery for beers and maybe some pool or skee ball.

No official party for Friday night, strictly an informal thing. Saturday is the same, no formal party but we will probably congregate at a local bar to be announced as the games are closing up.

I'm at Cal Anderson now. Come play.

Worth it.

Black Star Bags will be bringing up a few Polo Packs to sell this weekend! Get stoked!


Sorry for the late notice, according to an NAH estimate, due to a high number of qualifying spaces allocated to the region of Cascadia, we will need to play out all of the ties that occur at the end of Sunday. Because of this we will run out of good daylight with the full number of teams, 24, moving on to Sunday. Therefore, in order to avoid a light failure, we will need to cut the lowest eight teams from Saturday's Swiss rounds.

So, sixteen teams will advance to Sunday's double elimination rounds.

Again, sorry for the late notice.

Talk about last minute. I think if we start at 8:30 there should be more then enough light. Just don't cut down to one court till the very end.

Congratulations to the 11 teams that made it through to NAs.
The Guardians
The Ringers
The Assassins
The Cucumbers
Portland United
Fear Itself
Hurt Feelings

To claim your spot, you must register here, before Sat June 21st. https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/register/nahbpc2014

If you don't, your region may lose its spot to another team.

If you know you can't make it, please let the next team on the list know, so they can sign up before the 21st.

Also, the teams that didn't make it, be ready, just in case another team, or region can't take its spot.

I just want to say huge thank you to those who organized this smooth and efficient tournament. 8:30am starts are the jam. We got home to Vancouver before the sun was down, AMAZING!!