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Crank Gamble II

Yo, looks like your tourney is the same weekend as the Ball Whackers Ball. So no SF or LA A-teams if you do this the same weekend. What about the 17-18th of Nov? ABQ would be down either weekend.


did sf just become our rivals?


dear LVBP - please work out the dates with SFBP

sincerely, Los Angeles

I play for hugs

Guys sorry for the date clash . THis is the only date we can throw this particular tournament because it is being held at the SF Bike Expo which occurs this week .

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Dear LA,

SF November
Vegas December
LA January
Fresno February
Sacramento March
Santa Cruz April

Am I smoking some good shit here or what?

if ya switch SC and FRESNo , change LA to Tempe and put LA V in May, I think we got 2013 covered .

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

It's just polojoel crazy talk. I'm headed into babyland, where I'll be lucky to play much less organize.

We're working out new dates, I'd prefer mid October, but who knows, we have a lot of work to do. We'll keep you guys posted when we get stuffs figured out. Stay tuned...


but yeah, we're figuring out new dates. it's all good.


If you move the tournament to Oct. ABQ would be able to make the 19th and 20th. We're planning on going to Austin's tournament the week after and some of us are hiking Havasupai falls the week before.

All your shots are block by I.

i'd like to visit vegas in december or january, some other canucks may agree... just sayin'

It is looking like we might relocate it to December, that seems to be to consence.


What? You guys want some sort of flyer or somethin?


If you would be so kind...

...and you do it in a timely manner this time...

what's the magic word?


Me, you and Scooter are to be the winning team at this tourney anyways...

I thought you wanted SF to come

You put this thing in December and maybe Texas will come

Get rad

polojoel wrote:

I thought you wanted SF to come

If by SF you mean Straight Females, then yes. they can come.

Bi girls are also welcome, I enjoy some girl on girl action...

Is your photo a picture of the Las Vegas court that the tourney is played on?


It is not, that picture was taken when I still played in Denver...

is this going to be at the same courts as the 1st crank gamble?

I play for hugs

We are planning on it.


Cant wait to play with y'all!!!

discount code: azpolo15
for 15% off @ state bike co.


Dec 1 is my birthday!!! and it will be my first time in Vegas!!! i am IN on this!!

what happens in vegas STAYS IN VEGAS (even if it's a hummer from a lady boy)


leaving now Should be there by the 1st

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

jagwolves all

Make sure you link your 2 posts about this tournie . You have almost 500 reads on the other post so there is a lot of interest in this.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE



Good chance I'll be able to make this. Anyone need a thrid?

Also, are the dates pretty set in stone? I'd like to get my plane tickets as early as possible since it's pricey flying out of Alaska.

Here is a photo of the Court 2 at last year's tourney.

Court 1. Super slick on the south side of the court!

Sounds like a PARTY. Looking for a team. Sacto/Cap. coming?

It should be fun...RIGHT?

We'll be there Jeff! Not sure how many yet.

Love to play with one of the Sacto teams. Please keep me in mind.

It should be fun...RIGHT?


Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!

as far as i can tell here on LBP,yours is the last tourny of 2012........aka:the end of the world! WOW.....
the last polo tournament in human existance.......play well my bruthas n sistahs n give it yer all!

polo to the people!

fresno will be there.... club still working on what's what....gotta go back to Vegas!!


looking at tickets. dang.

Get on that shit homeboy
Get Scooter on that shit too...

Tues and Thur seems to be the best pricing for southwest $140-$220 round trip. Constantly check they flux daily.


*note we will be doing airport runs just give me a heads up (70two)two17-6five86


Riding in with Sacramento, but is anyone able to give rides to the airport the monday after the tourney?

I can


YAY my first trip to VEGAS!!!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Vegas, is there places to crash? If I were looking into a hotel room, where is the tourney located?


Tickets bought. Can't wait!

I admire your polo dedication.

Thanks Pete! Hope to visit Portland again soon. Had a blast last time.


I needs a team yo!!!

OK, more info is still to come? If it's on, can I get a little info on lodging, etc? Can I get a team?

Jack Crowe
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."

hi wondering if you could put up the address of the courts... trying to find a hotel thats not too far from there thanks


Desert Breeze
8275 spring mountain


Manhattan Kansas is considering coming, we'd also like some lodging info.ill keep you updated on our plans.

Poster art is pretty sick... totally want one.


Text me for housing (70two)two17-six58six



when the tournaments are playing in super slik courts floor,
normaly the players change the tires?

The problem with the south court is the slickness is generally in 1 spot and not the whole court. We just let some of the air out of our tires and had better traction.

Take a floor sander to that yit...

Lefty Bullshit!

Seriously, I will put in some manual labor if we can do this

The small porson he is discribing is slick for two reasons the water collects after rain fall and the skaters are constantly waxing the ledge.


Both courts are fairly slick, the south court more so than the other. Nonetheless, with the exception of that one slick spot on the south court, they are extremely quick to get used to playing on as those of you know who played last year, shouldn't take more than a game or two to get acquainted with the courts and feel comfortable slaying on them. The plus side, you'll never burn through a tire...

Register here please.


Im looking for a team also if someone needs someone to split/pitch on a hotel room I'm open to that option.


I have plenty of floor space, house is strip adjacent.


tits. I am going to Israel on the 10th of December and just can't swing it with everyone. Sorry ladies and gentlemen!

You blasphemous bitch...

What's the Jewish word for JAAAGGWOOOLLFFFF...

יגואר וולף

MAN DUDE BRO ready to roll to Vegas baby!!!

You make the rules and I'll play the game.


MAN DUDE BRO ready to roll to Vegas baby!!!

stoked for this!

Only 5 teams?!?!

Man Dude , it would be nice to see people sighn up early to help the organizers figure out timelines for the tournament and how much adult beverages to buy.
Don't know about the rest of y'all , but MAN DUDE BRO plans to be there in the AM on that Friday for pick up if we have enough people. If not, nothing better then just shooting around and getting to know a new court.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Pick up on Friday morning sounds great.


Leaving Santa Fe Thursday night.
Should be at the courts by noon.
Still looking for a team.
Bringing a selection of SF produced beers to share.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Single...looking for a team or two other singles...

It should be fun...RIGHT?

San Diego, might field a team, and definitely would need a place to stay.

updated flyer, WITH sponsors.


Our third is coming in at 10 am Saturday. Anyway we can be in the later group?

We'll do our best to accommodate you guys

Can't get threw to housing so if you can put " Man Dude Bro" up Friday & Saturday that would be awwwwsome.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

You got it.


I posted the Crank Gamble II tournament on


Sign up!

There is registration on the top of the page...

Single, looking for a team or two other singles>>>>>

It should be fun...RIGHT?

alright y'all, so i'll be at the rinks tomorrow at around 11am to welcome anyone who arrives early.
gonna be playing pick up all day, and setting up a few boards in the afternoon.

hope to see a lot of you there early!


Please bring $45 per team Register at 9am start at 10am
First game at 10:30am


$5 off if you get to us before 9am


I'm a free agent

Thanks for the memories boys. Good job again!!

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Thanks Vegas for the awesome time!
Dave, thanks for letting me crash at your place.
Quaz, thanks for being a dope tour guide. Next time I'll do a backflip off the Vegas sign jump.
Jamelyn, Xian, thanks for being awesome teammates and awesome friends.
Sam, Justin, Tsunami, thanks for all the hospitality in Sac. I am once again reminded why you guys are one of my favorite clubs.

See you all next year!

Perhaps in June good sir...
Thank you for coming out.


Hey Vegas- Thanks and all that jazz. Overall a kickass weekend... I think I got Stockholm syndrome with your B court, as much as I hate to admit it :D

Crab shots.


1st Grass Assault
2nd ManDudeBro
3rd Walnutshrimp


1st Grass Assault ( Mike, Aj, Jacob AZ)
2nd ManDudeBro (Hulie, Nate, Marco AZ)
3rd Walnut Shrimp (Eli, Davey, Dejah LA)


Final Brackets and scores.

Thanks Vegas for throwing another fun tournament. I had a blast. Thanks for all the teams traveling out to play.
Thanks Dave for housing all of the scraglers.

See you guys soon.

Yes, thank you, Dave and all of Las Vegas Polo! I thought y'all threw a good tournament and I appreciate the hospitality! Also, thank you to everyone who loaned me equipment! I couldn't have played without your kind help. And never fly United Airlines! Ha!

Lefty Bullshit!

Great Time Gabe & Dave
Pictures and some video at FB's NMBPA (New Mexico Bicycle Polo Association) https://www.facebook.com/NMBikePolo?ref=hl

It should be fun...RIGHT?