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Cirque du Sydney

Cirque du Sydney: Tournament Poster
Saturday, February 25, 2012 - Sunday, February 26, 2012
Host club: 
Sydney Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
single court

“Cirque du Sydney” is an action packed double header weekend guaranteed to entertain. Getting back to our roots, the tournament will be relaxed, all-inclusive and filled with events for both the players and spectators to enjoy. Come one, and come all, embrace the inner clown.

Friday Night
For those of you that can make it in to Sydney early, we will be having a few relaxed games and catch-up drinks at our home courts to welcome the out-of-towners. If we get organized, we might even hold some 1v1 'knife fights'.

Day 1: “Carney Carnage”
The big top event on the Saturday will be a round robin format with a single elimination final. The round robin will rank teams into a top and bottom half group, to then battle it out in two parallel elimination finals with similarly skilled teams. After trying this out at Christchurch's successful Winter Whack ii, we feel this is the best way for both the serious and non-serious players to compete in an encouraging environment. As we only have a single court, there will be a 20 team limit. Teams registered can play in their own uniforms, but will have to have a team name in the theme of the weekend; think circus, animals, tightropes and women with beards.

Saturday Night Party
We are in talks with MC Cyclery, who are renowned for throwing great events such as their successful Bike Film Fest games arena and Gold Sprints. A venue still has to be secured, but we will unwind from the “Carney Carnage” tournament in style with a few brewskis and roller racing! Expect a big showing from Sydney’s cycling community and get racing!

Day 2: “Sideshow Slaughter”
A relaxed individual tournament held on the Sunday. Throughout the day we will be having a few breaks for spectator games to get everyone involved. MC Cyclery will be down with a tent, music and DJ’s, wading pool and whatever else we can fit in! The tournament will be a throw-up format, with each game randomly drawing two teams of three. Each game awards points to the players of the winning team. At the end of the day, the top 12 players will compete in knockout finals to the sledging and heckling of the masses. Dress up in your sideshow best as COSTUMES ARE MANDATORY!

Friday Night Welcoming Polo: 6pm - 10pm
Saturday “Carney Carnage”: 9am - 6pm (we have lights in case it runs over)
Saturday Night Party with MC Cyclery, Venue TBA: 9pm onwards
Sunday “Sideshow Slaughter”: 9am - 5pm

For those that are looking for a hostel close to the courts, we recommended checking these out:
Australian Sunrise Lodge
Billabong Gardens
The Abbey on King
Alfred Park

We will be accepting registrations for the teamed “Carney Carnage” tournament via email. Don’t forget that the team name in the theme of the weekend! Registrations for the second day throw up tournament “Sideshow Slaughter” will be taken on the day. Oh, did we forget to mention that the entire tournament will be FREE?!?! We will have a donations box on the day with all funds to go to Perth Cycle Polo to help in hosting the Australasian Championships.

Registration opens on Tuesday the 10th of January at 8pm.
There will be a limit of 20 teams.
Please email with the following form filled out:

To: info@sydneybikepolo.org
Subject: Registration

Carney Carnage Team Name:
Player 1 name and city:
Player 2 name and city:
Player 3 name and city:
Any dietary requirements?

If you don’t have a team sorted, that’s OK, still email us and we will try and match you up with other spare players. If successful, we will reply with confirmation.


Alexandria Park
Buckland Street
Sydney, NSW

Signed up

Really looking forward to No Refs (and not just because Locky is in my team :)

No refs worked great in Taupo - if New Zealand can do it, then Australia should at least claim to have invented it.

Sorry V I for one will never play in a tourney with no refs ever again after playing in Taupo. Myself and Vive were "pushed" and "shoved" off our bikes 3 times in the first 3 minutes with no recourse and serious injury.
I think we have evolved far enough from thuggery to actually play the ball and not just taking out the opposition.!
It's just not Polo.
What was reassuring but very dissapointing to our team was that this was rectified before the final as the offending team were spoken to and played "appropriatelly" in the final particularly as there were lots of spectators who would have got the wrong impression of what polo should be about. (The final was an awesome game due to this)
With all due respect to Nigel and our friends across the ditch the no ref thing worked very very well up until the finals and I am all for this BUT refs were needed during the finals!
I would ask Australaisian bike polo to please reconsider no refs in future finals for the good of Australaisian bike polo.
Rob B

I think NEW ZEALAND polo can and probably will continue to host tournaments without refs. Rob, I wasn't witness to the game you describe above as I was playing on the other court at that time and maybe seeing that game would've changed my point of view. Shame that it was two visiting Aussie teams with the issue in Taupo, NZ polo want to keep and foster the playing relationships we've formed with you guys over the last year. I'm all for discussion on this but believe that the decision to have ref's of not is up to the host city to decide and declaire.

My feeling on this that a lot of the time people will push the rules as far as they think they can get away with it until the refs call them. I want to see a bit of personal responsibility come back into polo.

There will be no refs at the Sydney tournament. The organisers will, however, have the right to eject any team that repeatedly plays dangerously or deliberately causes injury to other players.

virginia wrote:

I want to see a bit of personal responsibility come back into polo.

This^ is what it comes down to and when it's a local tournament and the stakes are actually pretty low we all need to remember why we started playing polo and what it is we love about it. Actually that should probably go for all games in all tournaments but so often the desire to win overrides one's perspective on a game. I can't imagine a non-ref'd Australasian Champs because of the "need to win" attitude but if we suceed in keeping ourselves in check at all other tournaments perhaps we'd all be better equipped to take stock of a situation when the stakes are higher and rely less on being called by a ref.

Rob you fail to take into account your own behaviour on court. If you play a dirty game, you will be played against in the same way. Will Jetikoff reminded me the other day of the first rule everyone is taught at polo, play the person as they play you. If you play a dirty game Rob, be prepared to have it shoved back in your face.

The only game TDR played physically in was the game you speak of. You initiated the rough play when you malleted me after the joust. Do you remember me asking you "do you want to play like this?". You started the dirty moves, we responded. You cant intimidate us off the ball any more, so you resorted to dick moves, and when we returned them in kind all you have left is to winge on the internet. I saw you after our game bitching to anyone who would listen, and you know what, no one cared.
What crack have you been smoking? At no point did we get a "talking to", no one told us to play "appropriately". You are just wrong.
This just sounds like the moaning of a sore loser.
The NZ crew have the right idea, no reffs work well, the problem the rest of the Astralians discussed behind closed doors was that it would never work in Australia because of these exact attitudes you are displaying Rob. ie. Poor sportsmanship.

We played plenty of teams with new players on them and at no point did they tell us we were playing too rough. Unlike when I played Damon, Leigh and yourself at the 2010 Nats, your and Damons abuse directed at me for riding breakless fixed and the rough tactics used to defeat us (the team of new players that came dead last) nearly deterred me from playing polo all together.

Maybe it is time you turn this judgement on yourself and consider what your negative attitude is doing to Australian polo.

Just a reminder that registration opens tonight at 8pm. The Carney Carnage tournament is limited to 20 teams.

Get in quick! There are already 10 Sydney teams!!!

Please email with the following form filled out:

To: info@sydneybikepolo.org
Subject: Registration

Carney Carnage Team Name:
Player 1 name and city:
Player 2 name and city:
Player 3 name and city:
Any dietary requirements?

If you don’t have a team sorted, that’s OK, still email us and we will try and match you up with other spare players. If successful, we will reply with confirmation.


CARNY CARNAGE: The 20 teams were divided into 5 groups of 4 for the round robin stage. Each group contained one team that had a player that played at Worlds, 2 Sydney teams, 1 Brisbane team and one team from the 5 remaining Auckland, Perth and Melbourne teams. The top 2 teams in each group went through to one set of seeded single elimination finals and the bottom 2 teams played a separate seeded single elimination finals. The teams in each elimination final were ranked firstly according to points, then goal difference and goals for when required.

Top finals group - rankings after group stage
1. Majic Pants Sideshow - 6pts (GD 11)
2. Sloppy Sword Swallowers - 6 pts (GD 8)
3. Toupe de Rouge - 5 pts (GD 9)
4. The Bearded Ladies - 5 pts (GD 8, GF 12)
5. Circuscism - 5 pts (GD 8, GF 11)
6. Freakshow - 5 pts (GD 5)
7. Cirque du So'laid - 4 pts (GD 8)
8. Hochsitzartisen - 4 pts (GD 6)
9. Insane Clown Polo Melbourne - 4 pts (GD 5)
10. The Jesters - 4 pts (GD 3)

Top Group Final places
1st Majic Pants Sideshow (BNE – Jamie, Jordan, Rob)
2nd Freakshow (PER – Mattie, Scottie, Ned)
3rd Circuscism (SYD - Virginia, Locky, Stephen)
4th Sloppy Sword Swallowers (SYD – Brook, Tom, Martin)
=5th Toupe de Rouge (BNE – Dave, Ollie, Dom)
Cirque du So'laid (SYD – Jack, Robin, Doddy)
The Bearded Ladies (AKL/MLB/ADL – Dasha, Colin, Rob)
Insane Clown Polo Melbourne (MLB – Sam, Benee, Will)
=9th Hochsitzartisen (GER/BNE – Johannes, Nick, Ted)
The Jesters (AKL – Glenn, Tania, Wayne)

Second finals group - rankings after group stage
1. Ya Mum's Big Top - 3 pts
2. Trailer Trash - 2 pts (GD -1)
3. Nitro Circus - pts (GD -5)
4. Insane Clown Polo Sydney - 2 pts (GD -6, GF 4)
5. Cock Ring Masters - 2 pts (GD -6, GF 3)
6. Tent-pitchers - 1 pt
7. Shamone - 0 pts (GD -8)
8. Pukeko Cannonballs - 0 pts (GD -10)
9. Clowns Gone Crazy - 0 pts (GD -12, GF 1)
10. The Ham Fighters - 0 pts (GD -12, GF 0)

Second Group Final places
1st Ya Mum's Big Top (SYD – Shifty, Smokin’ Joe, Brian)
2nd Trailer Trash (BNE – Simon, Brett, Mace)
3rd Cock Ring Masters (BNE – Morag, Kristine, Ben)
4th Tent-pitchers (SYD – Francesco, Daniel, Paul)
=5th Pukeko Cannonballs (AKL – Stu, Leo, Mat)
Insane Clown Polo Sydney (SYD – Jesse, Jamie, Jamal)
Shamone (SYD – Paddy, Michael, Nikki, Sub - Perth Nick )
Nitro Circus (SYD – Tsz, Danos, Eddie)
=9th The Ham Fighters (SYD - Ben, Mark, Kent, Sub - Luca?)
Clowns Gone Crazy (SYD/PER – Laura, David, Nick)

SIDESHOW SLAUGHTER: 46 players registered for this throw-up tournament. The aim was to get each player to play 4 randomly thrown games of pick up. Points were awarded to an individual based on their team result - 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a win. Goal difference was also recorded. Due to late arrival of some players, not everyone reached their 4 game target.

After 25 games, the top 12 players were:

=1st Johannes (Berlin) 8pts, GD 14
Nick (PER) 8pts, GD 14
=3rd Simon (BNE) 8pts GD 10
Stephen (SYD) 8pts GD 10
5th Stu (AKL) 6pts GD 8
=6th Virginia (SYD) Pts 6 GD 7
Scott (PER) Pts 6, GD 7
8th Jamie (BNE) Pts 6, GD 4
9th Dom (BNE) Pts 5 GD 7
10th Brook (SYD) Pts 5 GD 5
11th Ben (BNE) Pts 5 GD 2
12th Kristine (BNE) Pts 5 GD 1

Overall results
1st - Dom, Jamie, Virginia
2nd - Brook, Stephen, Stu
=3rd Johannes, Kristine, Scott
Nick (perth), Simon, Ben