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ABQ Bike Polo

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Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30 to 11 PM (sometimes Sundays during the day)

May 2009
Club rep: 
Robin C.
South Central
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Oy! Imma be in NM next month visiting me folks in Carlsbad. Any polo going on down south..... Roswell?

It's Fraggle bitch!

Let's pick a Sunday and we can do a little tourney, draw teams out of a hat. One player from SF, Clovis and ABQ on each team. Santa Fe will play host.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Current Polo schedule: Tuesday ~8:45pm-10:00pm, Thursday ~8:45pm-10:00pm, Sundays variable times, sometimes ABQ Bike Polo travels to Santa Fe....

a.k.a. ABQ Critical Mass, "Stu the Statue",

fyi we're invited to our Wild West Bench minor in Santa Fe. dates look like memorial day May 26/27. State vs. State. reply here.

All your shots are block by I.

What's the word on your next tourney?

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

right now we are looking at Memorial day weekend 5-26/27. Spread it around AZ and let us know if that will work.

All your shots are block by I.

Word! I just sent word out. I'm sure we'll discuss when we have another meeting.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

My lady just moved to your neck of the woods. I'd like to come out play some polo. Looks like I'll be visiting a couple times a month. Are the times you have posted current? I'll find you guys at DPI IV.Talk to ya soon.


Deaddog- sacbikepolo

We don't really play consistently right now. We tend to play Sunday, Tuesdays and Thursdays around 8pm and Sunday during the days in the winter (instead of at 8pm). Its best to call me 505-266-0331 or Robin 505-918-4483 the day of or the day before and we will do our best to make polo happen.

All your shots are block by I.

Great to meet you guys this weekend!

Hey, we are currently playing Tuesdays & Thursdays (Sometimes Sunday) evenings starting around ~8 to 8:30 PM and finishing at 10PM. That is when the lights go out.
FYI: we play when the Roller Derby girls finish practicing.
Sometimes we play on Sundays if people can make it.

Hey guys, this is very late notice, but we are hosting a tourney out here in Lubbock this weekend and wanted to see if you guys were interested in coming. The info is available over at Hub City Hardcourt on this here Internet website. Hope you guys can make it! W have places for everyone to stay too.

Hey, I'll see you all Tuesday night 4/19...Sound good?

I have work in bernallilo on Tuesday and driving to PHX the next day.. Got room for another if anyone needs a ride to PHX. Not coming back though... Atleast no for awhile

It's been raining for days now in Portland and I've had wet feet for as many... Looking forward to some dry pavement! Are you serving that up? I'll Tak a large....

PDX polo

Hey Burquenos! I'll be back in town on the 3rd of March and I'm looking to get a lot of polo in. Are you guys still playing?

sorry about the late response, we still play moved courts and time, Sun, Tues and Thurs at 8:30 at BB court on Buena Vista south of Coal by CNM.

All your shots are block by I.


When is Ladies Army?

Much Love,

Whoops! You're totally not Austin.

Does anyone even still play this fucking game?

we be playin in Amarillo. would make a trip to ABQ to catch some games and would be awesome if some of you stopped in for some games here.

Hey ABQ! Fanta Se Bike Polo is having the first official pick up night @ Herb Martinez Park this Wednesday at 7PM. Would be awesome if some of you came up to beat the heat and help establish the club! Contact me: jl.vnhrn@gmail.com for more information. We will establish a regular pick up schedule in the next few weeks. Until then, I am hoping to bring a handful of newbies down to join you guys on Sunday nights!

we don't serve women here. bring your own.

hey bret. wondering if you have any stickers or spoke cards you could maybe send. i had lost the spoke from the tournament in a sand storm. was also curious about the piece of pipe you had offered to send this way. miss ya brotha. lookin in to makin another trip out that way this summer.

I went to the courts at Barelas today (4:30 and again around 5) and there was no one there. Will there be polo on Tues or Thurs? thx.

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New hours are 7 to 10:17 Wednesday and 4 to 10:17 Sunday. Typically we show up at around 7:30 however as the heat has finally caught up with us. Hope to see you there.

Bret, Thanks for bringing your crew to Az and sharing your frienship with us. AZHC and PBP appreciated it very much. We look forward to playing together again.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Tuesday 7:00PM *ADDED
Thursday 7:00PM
Sunday 4:00PM *MOVED

Current Polo schedule: Tuesday ~8:45pm-10:00pm, Thursday ~8:45pm-10:00pm, Sundays variable times, sometimes ABQ Bike Polo travels to Santa Fe....

a.k.a. ABQ Critical Mass, "Stu the Statue",