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Ann Arbor, MI Bike Polo

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Hard court games every Sunday @ 4PM @ Palmer Field, rain or shine (if raining we move to the lower lever of a parking structure across the street)

September 2007
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Hey im planning on starting a team in port huron. just wondering if there would be any interest in playing this spring

Hey! Sure we would love to play. We play through the winter so if you're bored than head down, we can give you directions to where we play. We also get together with Grand Rapids and have friendlies often.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Northside qualifier??


I should be in the area and up for some polo the weekend of the 14-17.

shit man, most of the club is going to mke for the mid west opens that weekend we are leaving the 14th, and returning the 17th. if your in town the next week then we play on wednesdays at 6:30, and sundays at 4:00. Message me if you've got any questions.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

You guys playing tomorrow? I'm coming with one of my friends. Do you have loaner bikes/mallets?

Hey, Yes were playing tomorrow at 4pm at Palmer Field near the Observatory/ Washington intersection. We have loaner mallets, not sure if any one has an extra bike. I'll send out an email. Hope to see ya there!

Playing rain or shine? I need to get my fix! I haven't played in a few weeks, and it's killing me!

Rain or shine. If it rains there is a parking structure right across the street from the court and we play on the bottom level. Try to go in sneakily though, the coppers will yell at us. Its probably not going to rain though so we should be outside. See ya!!

Thanks for the good times today, everyone! I'll definitely be back for some more Sunday polo while I'm here. Thanks again!

I'm coming back up to Michigan for the summer, and I need to play polo. If nothing is going on in Detroit, I might be forced to make it out your way. When do you all play?

message Quinn, BigMatt, or myself and we will get back to you. the map indicating location is accurate, and its in the middle of downtown.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Sundays at 4 and Thursdays at 5/6ish.

I'm out there everyday.

Friendlies this past Saturday were awesome.

...although, everything from the shins down feels like someone been at m' legs with lead pipes. I miss anything cool on Sunday?

I'm not a slayer, I just crash a lot.


No you didn't miss much, Saturday was more upbeat, it seemed like everyone was tired on Sunday.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

FYI : I plan to be in A2 to play polo on Nov. 27th! GET SOME!

You know where to come to get some, i don't think you can handle the whole thing. Let the PBR flow.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Toronto is throwing a tournament Nov 6/7 , you should try to send a few teams up!


well, shit. looks like its full up. i'll see if anyone wants to drive up for some pick up. or maybe i'll come up and see if i can get on a team.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.