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Athens GA Bike Polo

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Athens, GA Bike Polo. Courts on S. Finley behind Russell Hall. Monday 8p, Thursday 7p, and Sunday daytime by request.

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Winner winner chicken dinner

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Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

we want your dirty street style in tally for hungry hungry hippolo II. just a few spots left! and bring troy back with you.

I heard this team tossed your mallet out of court when they slap it, can we confirm/deny?

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Bwah ha ha. Yes Mr Jeff, as Georgia's oldest bike polo club we teach the dirty street style. Any time you want to load up your crew for some learnin ya got a place to crash, a bar to drink in, and polo to play here in Athens. Had great fun with you kids in Savannah, let's have some more!

Come to the cage.

Yooooo Athens, was great meeting you cats at Southeasts! Friendlies soooooon! Lurve, Memphis.


Ditto Mr Brett! Great meeting and playing with/against you! Let's get a Athens/Memphis match soon! We are working on getting together a tourney here in the fall so I'll keep ya posted! Athens out.


We now play Wednesdays starting 7ish. Same place

Thanks to whoever it was from Athens who left that note on my bike at Penn Station in NYC a few weeks ago. i lost the note so couldn't email you. awesome.

i know this comes almost a year after your comment, but i actually bumped into one of our former players when she passed through a few weeks ago and wanted to mention it to you. her name is flo, she works for ringling bros circle and saw your bike while she was up there.