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Austin Texas Bike Polo

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4 times a week, check our blog at atxbpsc.blogspot.com or on Facebook!

January 2009
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South Central
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Yooooo what nights you guys play? I'm gonna be in Austin 4-5 of January

hello ATXBP, i'm moving from Burlington VT to Kendalia TX May 20th for a year and I'm hoping to play bp with yall once or twice a week. Which two days off should I try for, thurs/sun? Stoked to play with you folks!

oops double post

Enjoyed playing polo with you all last NM tourney in Santa Fe. Looks like there is a possibility I may move to Austin and wondering what people recommend for areas to live. Something budget friendly, convenient for a commute to Georgetown, and a good bike friendly neighborhood... The usual... Thx n all the best


Hey Jake,

Someone may have already emailed you, but the crew is pretty chatty on the FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ATXBPSC/

Might get some rounded ideas posting the question there. I live in north Austin, like I35 and Braker. When there is no traffic its a short commute both north and south to down town. I ride into town from here without much trouble, never tried riding north. Good luck, and hopefully soon.. Welcome to Austin!

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@anne- whats up girl?! come on out to polo and you bet you will be covered! i'll share my stuff wit ya!

Hey guys! I'm flying down from the frozen tundra that is Alaska to visit my folks so I'll be in town for a few weeks in August(16th-30th) and would love to play some polo. If anyone could email me some info on when and where you guys play(I know courts and dates change sometimes so I just want to make for sure), that would just be swell. Thanks, can't wait to meet you cats!


Hey polo people, I will be in town the first week of August. I won't have any gear with me, but could I borrow some for a few games of pick up?


fyi TX is invited to the Wild West Bench minor in NM. dates look like memorial day May 26/27. Hit us up let us know whatcha think. State vs. State.

All your shots are block by I.

Man, I wish I played polo back when I lived in Round Rock. I'll be making a visit next year when I vist my folks and hope I get to play a few games with you guys.

Hey guys. Kody was mentioning hearing from you, something about a Bench Minor Tournament in Dallas, TX at the end of this month. Was this still in the air or was there anymore information I can look up. We would really like to get the chance to bring a couple of teams from Houston to the next tournament to play with the rest of Texas.

I don't see anything for August. Do you guys want to throw a tourney in August before Fall semester begins? We have some people willing to support it.

I think we could arrange something, where are you thinking, Denton?

That is close enough for both worlds to come together I think. Denton shouldn't be a problem at all. I know some people out there that would like to see it happen. We are holding a JUly 4th tourney in Lubbock if you guys want in.

we were talking about another tourney in denton in august last sunday. maybe later in the month so its not too close to NAHBPC.

would y'all be down for a late august tourney in ntx?


i am going to be living in southlake in july and august. i need to get in contact with yall, dylan, so i can find out when and where polo happens. pretty stoked, i tell you what!

awesome! sunday and monday are panning out as regular days in denton and dallas. we've had thursdays or fridays off and on at a couple different places. hit me up when you're in town.

there's a court in grapevine that we've used a few times that's pretty sweet - not too far from southlake. it's a full regulation sized outdoor hockey court with boards and lights. a 200' court will definitely wear your ass out after a couple hours.


Absolutely. I was going to wait till i had a more cohesive plan but i want to have a bench minor 1 day tourney. that way we can include alot of people and play a different format. what are the courts like up there?

Get rad

the new court at mack park is pretty awesome. full hockey boards. just a single court though.

there's a tennis court with lights in dallas (lake cliff park - linked on the club page) that we started playing on a few weeks ago. got some decent-ish boards for it, but it's legit. we've had regular monday night games there for a couple weeks now.

we talked about august 19,20,21 for a weekend tourney in either dallas or denton. how's that work for y'all?


I think that will work out for us. Those dates are perfectly before Fall semester, so there shouldn't be much reason for anyone to miss out. I will go over it with the other guys and spread the word. We don't really have too many ladies that play in the 806, they would rather 'roller-derby.' So sad.

Regardless, we are having a 4th of July Tourney you guys should know about. Come out if you're interested.

Hey Austin Polo, do you have any spare ladies for Ladies Army this weekend? I lost a teammate so now it is just two of us. We need a third. Registration is paid for and we have flights to arrive friday. If you do know of someone have them e-mail me ali.cheff@gmail.com

Thanks!! Excited to play polo in your city!!

Dear Austin,

When is Ladies Army?

Much Love,

Any way one of you Austin folks could shoot me a high res copy of your logo real quick? got something to work on before the tourney. mrmanpersonsir@yahoo.com

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

Hiyo. I met some of you back in march when I was passing through... And now I'm here again. I'll be here for a week and looking to ply lots of polo with you guys. This time I have my own bike and gear. When do you guys play?

We play on tuesdays and fridays at a park named givens on the east side of town and thursdays and sundays at east woods which is central on harris park road. 512-423-5008 this is our reps number(robert) you can get in touch with him to find out more!

Fuck off

Yeehaw. What time on Tuesday?

man it depends on when people make it out there. we may be playing at east woods from now on though. I heard that we got kicked out of the other park. send me a text and i'll find out for you. 512-567-2292 miguel

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I'm traveling to San Antonio next week after Labor Day, for work. Anyone know of polo in that town? Please send me a note if you do.

hm not sure about san antonio. if you have a car, there's polo in san marcos which is about an hour away.
i'll ask around though

it was a pleasure to meet many of you on sunday last week. it was a super long week after sxsw and i'm sure there are many more to meet. but it was great nonetheless. thanks! and hope to see you all again soon.

yay it was awesome to meet you too!
might see you in june for the ladies army after all!

it was very nice to meet you aswell chandel. we hope to see you at midwesterns or north americans! take care-

Fuck off

thanks for coming out!

i'm getting down from milwaukee for sxsw on the 17th - 25th. 4 other friends from here are making it down come the 21st. i took down the court address, hopefully i'll make it thursday and/or sunday! i'll have my bike with me.

i won't be at a computer through the week probably, so if anyone wants to get in touch 6082395028.

cool, we've got several out of towners in, so it should be some good pick up!


coming down for sxsw mid march. what days do you guys play?
i will be pretty tied up and won't have my bike or mallet, but if i can squeeze it in and visit the court when i'm there i'd love to!
i'm sure i can borrow for a game or two? ;]

hey chandel. i saw you for one hot minute(well really really cold actually) at the pit on feb 7th..i was in town with jazz hams, but too cold to play...
anyway, we play thurs night and sunday at eastwoods park. there is a far southside polo pickup game that happens tuesday as well. you can absolutely borrow a bike- most of us play fixed though. evan from STL will be in town with his gear as well. see you at spring break?

oh yes lady! ok awesome. i can ride a fix. no worries.
i will be trying to make it for the sunday then. not sure when we're leaving austin, but i'm going to try to convince the guys to stop by on our way out. time?
and i won't be at sespi. unfortunately the choices had to be made, partly why i can go to texas though!
talk to you soon. have fun!

I'll be down there from March 4th through the 8th with my polo bike ready to play! Is Eastwood park your regular spot?

hoorah! we love polo visitors!

yep yep Eastwoods is our regular spot. If you get here early enough on Thursday we play at Eastwoods and then again on Sunday!