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Australian/Australasian Championships/Nationals 2012

Australian/Australasian Championships/Nationals 2012

This is a thread to discuss the Nationals for 2012.

Background Info

2009 Nationals Melbourne - 28-29 November (attended by: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Castlemaine)
No connection to world champiosnhips

2010 Nationals Brisbane - 19-19 August (attended by: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast - apologies from Castlemaine)
Held immediately after world champiosnhips

2011 Nationals - Adelaide 7-8 May (attended by: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth - apologies from Canberra, Castlemaine and Gold Coast)
Results feed into world champiosnhips

More information at: www.bikepolo.com.au/nationals and www.bikepolo.com.au/tournaments

(and FYI http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australasia includes Australia, NZ, the island of New Guinea, and neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean)

Firstly, good move. This needs a dedicated thread rather than discussing on the council thread.

The way I see this is that we have two cities dedicated to hosting 2012.
The feeling I'm getting off of the various forums already discussing this is that we need to determine a date by which proposals should be submitted bidding for the hosting rights.

The council can use this to debate who gets the event based on who looks the most, professional, experienced, organised etc etc etc.
Not only are we making the best decision as to who can pull this off most successfully but we are ensuring that they are on track to delivering the goods.

The CMWC uses a similair system whereby the host nation needs to prove that they are still on track 6 months before the event date to prevent the world's becoming a dismal flop due to the host's disorgsanisation.

Not saying that it will be a flop if it lands in either court but why not use the bidding process as and added insurance of success?
A lot of people spend a lot of money and time getting to and from the nationals, finding accomodation, upgrading gear etc etc etc. I think they deserve assurances that we will be attending a class event that is as free fom unforeseen hangups as possible.

Not that I see failure as a reality but we probably need to start trialling the systems that we will need to have in place when Nationals involve forty teams and seven courts.
That will be logistical nightmare time, why not start preparing now?

Shit City Polo
- 2011 AHBPC Mid Table Medicority.... and proud.

..... and can we have THAT trophy?

I want that bastard on the mantlepiece for 12 months.

Shit City Polo
- 2011 AHBPC Mid Table Medicority.... and proud.

It might be helpful to have some criteria and maybe a bidding process like the Worlds (WHBPC) have

I would like to see cities hosting tournaments similar to their order of arrival, for example Perth and Sydney have been part of the Australian polo scene for many years but haven't yet hosted a tournament. It only seems fair that they have first pick

Some criteria which might help kick start the process
* Number of courts
* Distance to accommodation
* Nearby shops/toilets/bbq/food
* Distance from other major cities

Also, having been to a few Bike Polo tournaments would certainly help things along when wanting to host a National event

x2! Well said Rob.

Lewis wrote:

It should probably include something like:
- Potential location(s): How many courts, size, surface type, barriers (are there existing walls or will they all be constructed from scratch. If being constructed what do you plan to use/have available - lots of people said the specific barriers used in Bris werent ideal because of their shape)
- How many players do you have/will be involved in organising? Do any of these people have previous, relevant experience (hosting races, putting on gigs, graphic design (anyone?)
- What/how much FREE housing can you provide? Can you work out any deals with local hostels for players?
- What, if any existing relationships do you have with potential sponsors?
- Will you be able to provide food (including veg/vegan options) for players on one or both days? Any relationships with cafes/fruit shops/food joints that could potentially cater food and coffee for you?

x 3
These things are what make events successful and memorable.

Proximity to a good pub is probably of importance too......

Shit City Polo
- 2011 AHBPC Mid Table Medicority.... and proud.

Nice, we're on to a good start

X2, X3, X4. Shit are we triple dutch ruddering again?

I don't usually read this subforum, but wantted to chime in that there's an infrastructure here on LOBP for bid processes.

Check out http://leagueofbikepolo.com/bids and http://leagueofbikepolo.com/node/add/bid2011. We could add a category on the form for AHBPC 2012. Vote could be a binary vote (pick one, most votes wins) or a ranked vote (rank in preference, see Borda Count on wikipedia for more info). Votes can be "popular" (i.e. everyone in the Australasia region on LOBP) or with an electoral list (say, two reps per Aussie city).

Lemme know what you think. Since i don't usually read these threads, you may want to PM me.

Thanks Kev we appreciate the input,

Check those out if you haven't already.

I think that they provide a fairly good template, they could be posted for each city on one or all of the sites currently being used by the Aust community and let the feedback come in as to what we think are the pros and cons of each.
Provides a fair means by which they can all be evaluated before the rep. body makes a choice or puts up a voting system to allow the community to decide (whichever system is decided upon by our reps).

It's probably important that these bids are made public to ensure that the successful cities have as much feedback and support as possible leading into their planning as much as anything else.
We don't want situations to arise where bombshells like $80 entry fees, insurance costs etc etc come into play 4 weeks out. I don't imagine it happening but it's very little effort to avoid unforeseeable problems.


Shit City Polo
- 2011 AHBPC Mid Table Medicority.... and proud.

After hearing some Very good reports from the Winter Wack Tourney maybe Christchurch might want to hold the 2012 Nationals????

If we had a functioning CBD and with that a few more accommodation options we'd bid for sure - thanks for the vote of support Rob.

Hope you can make it in 2012 Camo wherever it is!

Eagerly awaiting news of location for Nationals 2012, so I can start planning my return for it.

Any other ex-pats wanna be in my team?


is being a current ex-pat a requirement?!?!?!

Of course not, but you patriots always seem to have your teams organised well in advance..


The 2012 Nationals will be hosted by Perth.

Stay tuned for more details from those wonderful western australian guys and girls.


Maybe we need some theme song suggestions?

hypeing will commence when we return from the world championships CHAMPIONSHIPS!



Awsum well done Perv, well done jedi council, Dates?

From bikepolo.com.au

It's official, the 2012 Australasian Championships will be held in Perth.

An exact date is to be determined but it will be sometime between April - June.

Stay tuned for more details, this page (http://www.bikepolo.com.au/nationals-2012/) will be updated as plans develop.


congratz perth!

Hi guys,

Perth are pretty stoked about this and we are all looking forward to holding a ripper tournament next year!
Lots of preparations are underway and we will update on details as soon as possible.

Piss Corner Polo is Forever. Storm Boys - Australian Champs '11.

Eagerly awaiting details of dates...


Peow Peow Perth here we come!

HERE IT IS... the dates and local of the AHBPC 2012

MARCH 24th and 25th 2012.

Brand new basketball courts right on the Swan River. 5km from the CBD in Vic Park.

sounds awesome! any idea on what the court size might be?

should be the same size as adelaide


Need team.. Pm me if interested, I can fookin' wang it now. ;)


Google (old photo): http://maps.google.com.au/maps?ll=-31.969516,115.885645&spn=0.003368,0.0...
Nearmap (new photo): http://www.nearmap.com/?ll=-31.969461,115.885892&z=19&t=h&nmd=20110712

Congrats Perth, looking forward to seeing you awesome guys on your home turf! It'll be my first visit to Perth also, how fitting

Also, I'm here by offering out my assistance to Perth for tournament organisation.. shoot me an email robm@bikepolo.com.au when you're ready