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Somos de Barcelona y nos gusta la paella!

January 2009
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Hola! I'm living in Barcelona for the winter at Barceloneta.
Do you guys still play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 21:30hs?
I have plenty of perfect tubing for mallet heads from a construction site near my place - free if anyone wants it. 2 inch and also 2.5 inch.

Heading to Barcelona this week and hoping to play with you all this week! See you Wednesday?

hey monica, we normally play on Wednesdays but if it rains, which is highly probable this week, the court is impracticable.

dammit again! i was there today until 21.45 and there was nobody. maybe today you guys havent played!

sorry loz, we didn't play last friday, we were recovering from the tournament in Madrid!

where do you guys play in barcelona? i would love to give it a try since i never done it. I've saw a lot of videos on the internet and i said to myself that i had to try this!!

we play every monday, wednesday and friday night @ Aspirina (corner of Diagonal/Marina/Aragó). We play tonight!

dammit. today i cannot! wednesday i'll come by! at what time? thanks for the soon answer

we start playing around 21.30h

Hola amigos! I'm Barcelona for a few days, are you playing this Sunday?

we are playing tonight!

Hi guys!
In october I'll come to Spain to Valencia and I'm wondering are they any people there that play bikepolo? If you know something let me know.
thanks & greetings from Cracow
see ya!

hey! I study in Valencia, let me know if you would start a team

dude you gotta hit up barcelona... tis the mecca for bike polo in spain for sure to be sure

that's my shit

Currently in Montreal I will move to Bilbao in April... I can promise you that in the future you will have a little mecca of bike Polo there...

Lets spread it around the world!

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

hey, it seem's that a barcelonian team didn't fill this shit out:

yo homies

i'm coming to barcelona soon, sometime within the next few days. i'm near perpignan in france now. i would love to meet you polo people, drink beer, play games, cycle, whatever. i am staying in a campervan with my grandparents right now, it's a bit silly, but i hope to spend a night in barcelona to party and polo and whatever. if it would be easy to crash on someone's couch some evening.... that would be fun.

just want to say hello and see what days you play, or how i can find you. i have an irish cell phone number now... i can easily send texts to anyone though.

yeahhhhhhh marco!

that's my shit

Hey hey.
This is Zac, the American that played last week.
Me and Peter wanted to say thanks again for being such nice guys and letting us play/ use your bikes. Hope to see you in the future.