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Baton Rouge Bike Polo

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hardcourt bike polo in Baton Rouge, LA

March 2009
386 589-6780
Club rep: 
Andy Tuba
South Central
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we still have a few spots open for this: leagueofbikepolo.com/hungry-hungry-hippolo-ii. it'll be worth the trip, come play!

Hey guys and gals,

a few friends of mine, Cait Hagness and Jess Harlaquinn are in Baton Rouge this week with nowhere to go. They are bike touring and left austin/ladies army last weekend. They could use a little southern hospitality so please contact me and help get them a spot to crash, eat a meal or drink beers with polo family. Call me and Ill hook you up with cait's number (dont wanna post hers on here)

this would be extremely appreciated!! anyone in BR please gimme a call if your feelin generous. 920 242 3304



dead club :(

frazer wrote:

dead club :(

Not dead, Frazer. We played two nights while they were here. Playing again on Tuesday. Sucka!!!! Thought we was gone..... sheeeyit. Just 'cuz they say the water's high on the news doesn't mean we go into hiding!

Andy Tuba
Baton Rouge, LA

even though i missed out, i'm still really happy that polo FINALLY happened in BR.

- angel 'shut the hell up' face -


you guys need to post up your rep. I know you got one! Hope to see y'all soon!