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Hallo Bike polo Berlin !!!!! Hi my name is Oscar i'm member of Bici polo Tapatio from Guadalajara Mexico, I´ll travel in december to Germany, so I hope there´s still good weather to play bike polo. I´ll visit many cities in Germany und I´ll be staying in Berlin with a friend for 3 or 4 days, I would like to check out the best city places and of course have fun with other bike polo players. Hope you have the chance, and enough time to share with me. Thanks in advance.

Hey Oscar, contact us some days before you arrive in berlin or when you are in berlin. But it's better if you use our forum in the Berlin Area: http://www.bikepunx.de/forum/index.php

Actually we have a fixed time on Sunday from 14:30 to 18:30 and we try to play on saturday when the weather is good enough.

Hi guys!
I was curious - do you play with a guy named Jerry Kyme?

Crusher in Chief

Thanks Richi! I'd love to come down to LE but will have to wait until the next opportunity. How about couple of you guys coming up here? :)

hey Stan! no chance you come by down by us? :)

as far as I know they play Saturday AND Sunday, but you might rather check out the "German Forum"


Hey guys, I'm coming to Berlin next Friday for a couple of days and I was wondering whether to bring my polo bike. Any chance you play over the weekend?

hey.. I met some people last niight at the meeting I and was checking out the web presence.. it looks good from where I see it.


PS: if any one is driving to warsaw polo for the polo tourny saturday sunday I will take any free seats in the car!!!


Hey guys!

I need a place to sleep the night of tuesday the 8th of march. It has nothing to do with polo yet, it's an interview for an internship. But it means I would be playing with all of you this summer if everything goes well! So if you have a couch or something, please contact me!

vanoosten.bram (at) gmail.com

Utrecht Bike Polo
Fuccit Arnhem

edit: found something!

and, another thing... how much cost?

thanks again

hi, my name is matias, im from rosario, argentina. here is imposible buy a ball for play polo. but a friend of mine is traveling to berlin the next week. can you giveme some adress where hi can buy a few balls?


Heyyo everyone!

We're goin' to Berlin today, we'll arrive around 20 PM, and we'll be ready to play with you around 21PM.
It'd be nice to play with you guys.

So if you can play with us tonight (we're goin back to Hungary tomorrow morning), please give us a call:


dArKHaLf (Balazs Jarosi - Budapest Bike Polo, Hungary)

Hello 2 friends and I will be coming to your lovley city and spend some time playing polo and hangin. If you can put up with a few fellow polo players for a couple of days starting monday please let me know, we need a place to stay!