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Bloomington Bike Polo

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Small town big on bike polo

August 2009
Club rep: 
Great Lakes
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This certainly looks promising!

what is that a link too? not everyone has facebook...

This Saturday we will have the boards setup on Washington st, for some pick up. It would be nice to see you guys starts at noon come early there's beer and food too.

Donnie is a beast!

I'm a big wad of bloody hot damnation

hey can you guys play earlier tomorrow the 20th? we are going to be in own all day maybe grab some food if someone if not working.

let me know 859 threefiveone 4181 i dont get text


Just tried calling, but it might be too early for ya. Would 6pm work? People have class and work during the day so we usually start around 9, but anything for sexy lexy!

I work nights so i'm free all day today- eightonetwo twoseventwo 9517

also we have plenty of couches and whiskey if y'all need to stay the night.

Just shipped three Fixcraft poles your way today at work.
I hope Scary Larry can meet up with you cats soon!

Thanks dude! I'm loving the one you hooked me up with in Madison. These new ones will (hopefully) be used to win a minor tourney this weekend. Fixcraft and St. Cago FTW!

come to milwaukee for some bike polo tourney next weekend not going to be big but we will have 30 gallons of home brew beer goodness. I dont know agout prizes and i dont think it will cost anything. Bring some people its goingto be fun. go to leagueofbikepolo.com for more info

thanks for the great weekend, DECATUR will be back for more for sure.-shane

thanks for a great tournament!

You know how to show a schoolgirl a good time!

I hope to see a team from Bloomington at the 8th Midwests. One team from every club would be killer!


We're currently settling on teams and transportation, but expect at least one, probably two teams from B-town.

YO! zin. lets get a club crest posted up on here. at least a temporary one. also, who is ill with graphic design? they should make a badass crest for the club. aight. im out.

My roomate is on it, but he's been swamped with other art-work recently. That's funny you said a crest because that's exactly what his version is....

Still, anyone can and should make a logo if they're so inclined!