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Want to be a Cascadia NAH regional rep?

NAH elections are coming up. If you want to run for a regional rep position, declare your candidacy here in a comment.

Deadline is February 27th at 5pm ET. Voting begins the next day by club reps, and closes March 7th 5pm. The results will be available on March 7th in the evening.


Vote for Jeremy, he cares more than you do.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Thanks Mike, you're sweet.

So I'm ready and willing to continue to represent you guys. I've been on the NAH board for a year, and sometimes I even get to play polo.

I'm the NAH communication committee, I've helped with the Structure committee, I'm in house tech support and IT for some of the other board members. I came up with the idea for roles for regional reps, although their exact job description has been a group effort.

Oh, and i successfully negotiated Cascadia getting nine spots for NAHBPC, a tie for most spots with Midwest.


I would be willing to be a regional rep, but do not want the board position at this point.

Ok, I'll run for re-election. I honestly didn't do that much last time, but I'm hoping with a more clearly defined role I will be able to be more effective. Thanks!

momma frey wrote:

I'm hoping with a more clearly defined role I will be able to be more effective.

I this is a move in the right direction!

I'd like to be a Cascadia rep.

I created and continue to develop Podium.
I've helped run many major tournaments in person - NAs 2010, 2011, 2012; Worlds 2011.
NAH solicited my input on the 2013 tour structure, and used much of it.
I've been in informal conversations with NAH members for years, and would like to formalize them.

Jeremy, Elijah, Shannon and Vince eh? Elijah, was your throwing of the hat legit?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...