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Chattanooga Hardcourt Polo

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Chattanooga Hardcourt Polo - Fridays 6pm - Sundays 3pm

February 2011
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Chatt Polo
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knoxville is coming for you on sept 21st.....get ready chattanooga!!!!!!!! ALALALALALALALALA............

Whats Up Polo World! Chattanooga is back on the map. And glad to be here. Passing through and want to play? Let me know. We'll welcome anyone to our very Scenic City. See you on the court.

We should put our times we play on this club page. Also let people know that if they don't have their bike with them we have extra bikes for them to use.

any chance you folks would wanna play on a thursday? i'll be in chattanooga the evening of the the 11th maybe around 6 or 7pm. is that too late? your blog told me there are no lights at your court but i could get there a little sooner if there's polo to be had, seriously.

Does anybody in Chattanooga Play? I'll be up there this weekend. Would love to play some polo.

We play polo in the ATL

Sorry Jake.

I just moved here and I'm trying to solidify the hardcourt scene. There has been people playing soft court here over the past few years, but no core group of hardcourt players. We should be up and running in a few months with a weekly game.