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i have been playing almost everyday or night of the week and you should too

if you want to too let me know.



kidding. but honestly, how do you find the time?
will any chicago make it to practice in milwaukee before espi?

I hope so, but probably not. I'll try to talk Rob into going up next Sunday. :)

Midwest is best!!

i play at night in dark crappy parking lots and its still more fun than not playing.

I pass by all these places in my neighborhood that would probably be illegal to fence hop, but would be sick places to practice or play.
by the way this is Max. new name an everything

MAX!! Come out to polo! I still have those wheels for you if you want them.

Midwest is best!!

YES!!!!! I'm possibly buying a frame today so ill build a polo bike but ill be there, I can't come on sunday cause of work, but wednesday i will be there for sure.