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Copenhagen Bike Polo Cub

July 2009
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i'm looking for the bros who helped me cut off my steering wheel lock off of my van this summer in Brooklyn. i want to come to Denmark this summer and play with you guys...

oh shit, wrecked again!

hahaha - the motherfucking club! How are you Perry? My e-mail is jac (A) jnoor.dk - get at me.

find the copenhagen players on:


hello guys
Since step copenhagen November 10 to 14, I wanted to ask you if you train if I could come for two shots with you!

noce polipolo italy

I just moved to Copenhagen to study from California. It seems as if there hasn't been to much activity on this site, and bikepolo.dk/blog doesn't work for me.

Is anyone still playing? where? when? would love to join!

3 Hungarians arrived today. It'd be good if we'd play tomorrow, or sunday around 12:00, because at 4PM we're going back to Hungary.
or +36304265431

Call me, or write a mail, and send me where and when. ThX

dArKHaLf (Balazs Jarosi - Budapest Bike Polo, Hungary)

get in touch with samson, http://leagueofbikepolo.com/user/samson , he'll set you up.

the copenhagen guys are awesome, say hey to them for me.

Already did m8 :) But thx for the heads up. Hope we can play with em tomorra :)

dArKHaLf (Balazs Jarosi - Budapest Bike Polo, Hungary)

Canadian polo player coming through Copenhagen September 7 - 12, let's play!

pieterblokker at gmail dot com, any time any where.