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Decatur Bike Polo

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Friday after 5 and Sundays round 2

April 2010
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You guys are too close to not come:


our segment starts around minute 18:

games at Nelson Pavilion when it's snowy

Hope you cats can come out for our tournament.



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Dude, Im gonna try I want a rematch!


Superfriends with Wonderpets v. Brokeback Mallet

hey kid'z i got no driver lic. so who want to let me hict a ride 2 st. louie 4 the lockin??

Hey, do you think you'll be having polo over Thanksgiving weekend? I might be visiting Decatur for said weekend.

Jack Crowe
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."


come to milwaukee for some bike polo tourney next weekend not going to be big but we will have 30 gallons of home brew beer goodness. I dont know agout prizes and i dont think it will cost anything. Bring some people its goingto be fun. go to leagueofbikepolo.com for more info

Shit, got on here a little too late.

fridays down the street @ Sinawik Park

Good luck in Minneapolis, D-Town Brown!

Sunday POLO

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Midwest Bike Polo Championships in two weeks. Welcome Decatur! Will you show?

Were trying to work it out. We need a third player...

thanks for the welcome! I can't go but I passed the information along to the others.

bring a bike and good sportsmanship (mallets available)