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Denver Bike Polo Social Club

January 2012
Club rep: 
South Central
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hi guys i fly in from switzerland and would love to play. i stay in denver july 4.-15. i bring a bike and a mallet if it arrives. let me know if you play, would be awesome. 3-2-1-POLO

I'm going to be in you April 14th & 15th. Will you be polo'n on Sunday the 14th? If so, when and where?

We play almost every Sunday and Tuesday. Sundays, we are usually in Golden, not far from Denver, and you can take the lightrail (train) if you dont have a car. The address is "17531 S Golden Rd, Golden, CO 80401" well its actually the comfort dental address, but you will see the court right behind the dentist office. we normally play around 12-5pm. but our facebook page is the best place to keep updated on that "https://www.facebook.com/groups/199033050111037/"

Hey Denver, visiting in late March for some work. Wanted to come check out the polo scene there. Got set play dates and location perhaps? Broke my hand so I dont think ill be able to play yet but love to come socialize and meet some people. Might rent a bike while im there to tool around on. Here its a good town to ride in.

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Hey there I am coming from Ut for a couple days and want to check out the polo there. When and where do you guys play??? I would love to stop by! do you guys have a facebook page?? or check this place more??

Hi, I'm coming through Denver/Aurora for work Aug 14-16th, and I was hoping that you guys might be playing and I could stop by and join you.

Somebody shoot me a email? alias(dot)s(dot)tagami(at)gmail(dot)com

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What do you think of starting a Front range league where we would play in a different city each month? Go with teams instead of pickup? Have it some what organized with a bracket?
Rick with CBP

Cheyenne Bike Polo

Cheyenne I think this is a great idea, I know us here in Denver are a little unorganized but we are working on that. I know we are planning a Colorado/Wyoming/Utah invitation tournament for September. I will keep you guys updated as soon as more info reveals itself. But for sure I think we would love to do the league, just a lot of us have scheduling issues with most people working weekends and other crazy schedules

fyi Colorado is invited to the Wild West Bench minor in NM. dates look like memorial day May 26/27. Hit us up let us know whatcha think. State vs State.

All your shots are block by I.

Cheyenne Bike Polo Inaugural Tournament
May 20, 2012
$20. per player
First 10 teams, 3 on 3
Double elimination
Guaranteed 3 games
Second court for pickup games
Breakfast, Lunch
Cool prizes
More info to come.
Rick with Cheyenne Bike Polo

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Cheyenne Bike Polo

Get it together guys!

Great to meet you this weekend!

Hey guys, this is very late notice, but we are hosting a tourney out here in Lubbock this weekend and wanted to see if you guys were interested in coming. The info is available over at Hub City Hardcourt on this here Internet website. Hope you guys can make it! We have places for everyone to stay too.

heya denver, I'm gonna be in yer town this weekend! I couldnt find any times on you guy's blog, when do you guys play? are you still playing in congress park? I'll be staying across the street from congress park…

could anyone in denver get me in touch with anyone who knows about bike commuting to the rockies stadium? i m trying to work with the brewers stadium staff on promoting it but they think im just nuts!!!! preferably any local bike advocates or rockies staff.

any leads are greatly appreciated!

I'm really not retarded! But you can't tell from my post.

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Hey maxx I sittin here with Ryan he sez what up!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Congratulations Kelli for being DMM's 3rd rep!

see yinz in tejas!

...those days are over.




I am 5'4. I really appreciate you helping me out. See you soon!

...those days are over.


no problem, looking forward to playing some polo. bring your sunscreen it's starting to heat up.

13 days until Denver. I was planning on bringing my helmet and mallet. Is it still safe to think that there is a polo bike I can borrow out there?

I can't wait to visit and play with all of you.

...those days are over.


yeah at the very least you can use my bike which is very capable of fitting anyone from 5'2'' to 6'0'' I do hope you're not six feet tall though... that presents more problems than solutions

What is up to my favorite BIKE POLO CREW of the ROCKIES from FORT WAYNE BIKE POLO!


holy shit it's stas! holy shit holy shit! when is the next tourney you're gonna be at??

Hey whats up Max! I am not sure about any tourneys that I would be attending anytime soon. Polo just started out here in FW so my dudes are just getting comfortable playing pick ups...ya know!!! But if youre gonna be somewhere close to IN for POLO, let me know.


stani!!! what up!!! the denver kids are gettin so good, i suck cause i have a broken hand, but thats sick what your incubating in FWI, cant wait to run into yall at a tourny or something

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

WOW WOW....its never stan or stani!!!haha i saw that you guys took second in Santa Fe and sorry to hear bout your wrist, maybe less of "THE STRANGER" on yourself haha.yeah man cant wait til we cross paths in polo someday


stanislavich! I dig. Just lurkin, getting my polo fix for the evening. I love DMM. Can't wait for this summer....polo all night long! Hope your wrist heals soon sampies. Boo HOO.
2010 DMM goals!
1. Get an a+ ladies team up n runnin for the ladies army in nyc!
2. build polo bike!
3. polo road trip/tattoo

Everybody is defending Gemma and our logo on Prolly right?


some good comments on there, ya its not a big deal, but you gotta at least say something you know.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

anybody have room for one more on the trip to Santa Fe? I don't have the money to get down there solo.

if you can make it to denver by afternoon on friday you should be good to jump in a car for the rest of the way. im still not sure if im going, i start my new job around that time and im just not sure about my schedule yet, but even if i do go, i most likely wont play cause of my broken wrist.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

just let your fellow mafioso know that I will bring down real life american dollareenies and will be prepared to negotiate transactions involving said dollareenies. Is DMM involved in a gasoline racket? if so, that would be helpful.

like... the ones with presidents faces and whatnots?


yes, as opposed to borrowed money from other polo players and the subsequent money order that may or may not show up weeks later.

haha, no worries. not your fault i moved!

that sucked you had to borrow $$$ from people, but that pretty badass of you to pay everyone back so promptly. big ups belk-ster

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

i want in on the Santa Fe trip. Let me know as things start to finalize if there will be room for one or two more, if you don't mind. Do you guys plan on renting vehicles again?

were are planning on camping or if the weather is bad, get a hotel in sante fe. we will just be driving our cars, no rentals. ya you should definetly come and bring more casperites with you if you can.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

I bought a hot plate and capped that yellow mallet that brandon gave me. I'm shooting laser beams now.

hell ya. double caps? it took me awhile to start liking caps, but once you do, like you said "lazer shots"

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Can't wait to get my very own double cap built up. I fell in love with Geoff's and now I will have my very own beamin lazuh staff. stokedddd

Oh and not to mention, no more ball dragging with the double caps= more skills.


also, that girlie is picking her nose. hahahahahah!

i dont remember you having a camera Belk. anyways, show those Casper folk what the real deal is, so we can do some big friendlys and stuff. we all hold you responsible ;)

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Hey guys, thinking of heading to Denver in a week and one half, and would like to catch a few friendlys with you all. I'm up from Abq,NM, we have a tourney in Santa Fe May 26? That weekend at least. Any ways notice on your Blog to verify the tues and weds court location. Be great to get an address and hop in for a couple!!!

i didn't take those photos.