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Been playing since April '09. A good mix of Edinburgh's cyclist enjoying da polo. Come get amongst it!!

April 2009
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Thanks for the welcome guys!
Haha Polo Camo, sounds just like our Andy! :) Ill be in Ireland for the single speeds next year, hope to get a game of through-ins with ya if you make it up. Btw, we have a lad from Christchurch playing with us here, small world. Cheers for the heads up.
Hey Machine, good to here there are Scots playing around the world. Trying to get numbers up, but we do have a good wee scene, 3v3 every week. Rest assured, the weather won't stop us! Yeah, come play when you're over.
Thanks again guys.

Nice one lads n lassies.welcome to the league of bike polo. Think I'm the only scot playin on the west coast of america. Might be one guy in canada.Keep up the numbers don't let the weather hold ya back. Ikm playing the victoria winter mixer next week. Last year it was below zero the whole time. Can't wait to play on home soil. Maybe next year.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Your website link is a bit whacky - should be http://www.edinburghbikepolo.com ? (You've got an extra L in there). Met a couple of your players in Rotorua NZ at the Singlespeeed worlds, didn't get to play polo with them, they were too busy enjoying the hospitality tent!