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Edmonton Bike Polo

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We play at Ritchie Community League. 7727 - 98st

June 2009
Club rep: 
Great Plains
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Hey Edmonton,

Right now only one team from you has signed up to play in the GPQ. And they are the worst people.
Don't let them besmirch your average name, come represent yourself.

you know you want to.

I'm sure ya'll know, but just in case.
May 24-25. Saskaboom. GP qualifier.
Pen meet calendar.

Hey all, we're hosting a winter polo tourney february 15-16th. Includes the following :

- indoor (and heated) 3/4 length smooth cemented hockey rink.
- viewing room with bar.
- 12-15 teams expected
- PARTIES and accommodations

we'd love to see you there! Feel free to bring incomplete teams as we will have players here in Winnipeg without teams, and some players who can only commit for 1 of the 2 days. Please visit and sign up here:



you guys still play up there? might have some newbs for ya.. where ? times?

Northern Standard

We need them. Tell them to join uson Facebook. Days and times are spotty this year. Wednesday nights and Saturday or Sunday afternoon are te best beta


If you haven't heard yet, I will be stepping down as Cascadia Regional Rep, and Board member. My plan is to use the month of January to find my replacement. Please start thinking about this role and how it will affect you and your city now. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

-January 1st to midnight Jan 7th to put in your name as a Candidate. Please post your name, and short campaign speech IN THE THREAD ON THE CASCADIA PAGE.
-January 8th to midnight Jan 22nd City Reps talk to your cities and VOTE by emailing me your choice (this is only for one spot)
-Shannon and Cecily will speak with the new Regional Rep and decide among the 3 of them who will be the new Cascadia Board member.

Please spread the word to anyone you think needs to know about this, I want this turnover to be smooth and soon before the season get to heavily upon us.

Thank you all for your trust and confidence these past few months,

will be in edmonton on the 22 of dec, yall playing indoors?playing hockey? need bike

Northern Standard

indoor won't be happening for a few weeks, if at all this year. don't know any other poloers that play hockey here anymore, but i'll ask around

Dang DU. I'm outta town. Hockey is the most likely sport.

hey edmo bike polo; i'm off facebook for a bit- but i've heard whisperings of a winter-indoor-edmonton tournament. This should def happen. I can guarantee at least 1/3 of a winnipeg team, but i'd think a full team or two would more than likely make an appearance.

Do you guys ever have any weekend play? I am randomly in town 'till Sunday night.

tomorrow all day noon onward. 77 ave 98 street. then gold sprints tomorrow night at wunderbar 101 st and 82 ave 9/10pm

excited to play some indoor polo tomorrow

brought some posters for the prairie invite :)


I have just heard form Winnipeg that they could likely send 2 teams, with the possibility of 5, and Calgary is really stoked on this also, a spring prairie invitational! dudes/dudettes lets get people stoked on this!!

the peg, calgary and edmonton, and saskatoon! yea yea hell yea!

so what sort of commitment could be possible do you peeps figure? we aren't looking for anything serious, just for general interest..?


are you talkin 'bout saskatoon? edmonton could get 3-5 teams together i thinks. may long weekend maybe?

yes, in saskatoon. we are just seeing if folks are stoked on the idea for now.. then basically wait.... until the rest of the qualifiers are announced with dates then pick a non conflicting weekend in the spring.

glad to hear edmonton is in.

anything polo going down nov20-22? probably snow, but ill be there from saskatoon. indoor space?

We are working on getting an indoor space. I'm not sure if we will have it by then.

ill get in touch near'er to the time then. power to you on space hunting.. we are also looking..

Hey Everyone,

I think its high time that saskatoon, next spring, hosts a polo tourney between winnipeg, Saskatoon Calgary and Edmonton. After just getting back from winnipegs tanked givin' a central Canada tournament to connect the prairies would be rocking!

just seeding the thought...

Any chance this could happen before end of Feb.?


Hello polo friends,
Sask polo is FINALLY up and running, so perhaps a edmo road trip is in order? Lemme know.


We want to bring Bike Porn to Edmonton! Anyone keen to help plan a screening? Fin dout more by emailing me, or check out http://www.bikesmut.com for more info.