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Everett, WA

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We are the red headed step child of the Greater Puget Sound bike polo. We dwell in the convergence zone of North Everett.

June 2012
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cool, when and where on monday? whats the best way to contact you?

We play on the tennis courts behind QFC on Broadway in downtown Everett. Monday and Thursday at 5pm till whenever. You can contact us on facebook, I think I got my email on here, and I will send you my phone number.


That sounds awesome! We play Monday and Thursday. I know everyone down here would love to play some pick up, and host a friendly sometime as well. We are in the works of getting ourselves a court.


Hey Everett, its b-ham rep. lets polo soon.

I'm from Lake Stevens, and all my buds live in north everett. So ill be down south alot. What nights you all polo?

Also, we would love to host you all for friendly night of polo, any Wednesday. Sleeping accomadations available, plenty of loaner gear, and a bitchin' court at Western's campus.

Welcome to the poloverse Everett Bike Polo!