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Grand Rapids Bike Polo

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Thursdays at 6:30pm & Sundays at 2pm

May 2009
616 826 5260
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Hey guys, I'm planning a trip to the area to see the ladies family. It's looking like the week after labor day, september something 10th maybe. I was hoping to bring my bike and play some polo. I think I saw you guys play Thursdays and Sundays. Is that still true? I would love to be able \to escape all her family for some me time.

Yeah, we play those days still, and we party those days as well.

awesome, I will keep you all updated on the days of my trip, and as to the status of me bringing my bike, I may need a pump to inflate my tires.

Northside qualifier??


Someone tell MattGR to check his email. Been trying to get a hold of him.

alex, you going to Columbus or what jagoff?

Hey there friendly southern folks,
Why not head up to Thunder Bay this August?
We'd love to see you there!
Love from Thunder Bay

Howdy Grand Rapids!
Thunder Bay is going to be hosting a tournament, probably August 20-21. We're open to moving the date around if you would be keen on attending. Let us now!
Love from Thunder Bay

New location!

You haz admin...please admin things.

Toronto is throwing a tournament Nov 6/7 , you should try to send a few teams up!


Hey you guys coming down to play this weekend? I've got 3 couches and an empty fridge which i will fill with beer, just give me the nod.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.