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Indianapolis Bicycle Polo


February 2009
(317) 525-6196
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Tuesday and Thursday: 6pm pickup at Arsenal Park (46th and Haverford)
Sunday pickup at noon, same place.

Masters Registration informaton:

On February 1st at 8pm Eastern please visit www.indybikepolo.org and use the tournament page to send your $20 ($60 a team) to our Paypal. Send this as a gift and include the following information:

Player Name:
Team Name:
Age as of June 1st, 2013:
Shirt Size:

Any word from the neighborhood counsel on the courts? Also the courts in irvington leave the lights on for a long time

yes, I am super exicited to say we have recieved the OK from the neighborhood association. They told me that we should expect a letter of recommendation from them in th coming days. However, we now need to schedule a meeting with the parks department before we build. The manager I have been working with is out this week but will be back on Monday where she has an email and a couple phone messages waiting for her. I imagine that we should have the go-ahead from teh parks in a couple weeks.

As far as the courts in Irvington, Indy Parks told me that they have tennis plans for those courts and we can't use them for polo.

who's going to be at the halloween festival tomorrow?

what nights do you guys play/if at all in winter? i'll be coming through at the first of next month.

Hah, indy can barely get 6 players in autumn and are dead through the winter. Come down to bloomington (about 45 minutes south) where we play every Monday and Thursday.

come to milwaukee for some bike polo tourney next weekend not going to be big but we will have 30 gallons of home brew beer goodness. I dont know agout prizes and i dont think it will cost anything. Bring some people its goingto be fun. go to leagueofbikepolo.com for more info

I am planning a trip from philly to stlouis in a couple of weeks, and would love to have one stop of for visitor polo night. When do you guys normally play? And could you house one polo player and one non for the night?

yeah! we play every monday and thursday night from 6:30 to 9pm downtown. we'de love to have you and i am positive we'll be able to put up somewhere for the night.

I hope to see a team from Indianapolis at the 8th Midwests. One team from every club would be killer!


Thanks, Sveden. and we are looking forward to it too. so far we have one team and two stand-bys, but we are coming for sure.
we'll be get our team registered this weekend.