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Kansas City Bike Polo

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It's alive! We play once a week, and are all very, very handsome.

June 2009
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Great Lakes
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Get a team for this! There is someone from Anchorage looking for team mates.


POLO WEDNESDAY JULY 11!!! who's in?

bro can we do thursday instead? my wife doesnt work and nick kruse wants to play on thursday too. and you know how cranky he gets.

also, lawrence tonight! but i think you already knew that.

Crap! I can't play on Thursdays. Hopefully we'll play this weekend, or Lawrence again next week.

This wednesday is the 4th of July. Are most people going to be busy? Anyone want to play tonight or Thursday?

Hey I'm in KC next week...you all play on Tuesday eve?

regular polo in kc hasn't quite fired back up yet. here's to hoping for a productive summer though.

Are you all playing tonight? I'm from Memphis, TN, and I'll be stopping in Kansas City tonight hopefully to play a game or two...

Hey Danny aka Sevem, this is Michael from our team Any Town USA at Scary Larrys Friendlies. Just letting you know that the tourny in Austin will be the 30th and 31st of October. If anyone knows Danny will you relay this message? I am new to this forum and could not message him directly. Cheers.

Hope to see some KC polomates in Lexington this November!!

noticeably stoned

So do you all not play on the weekends anymore, going to be up visiting family in lee's summit and i was hoping to get some polo action in?


formerly of lex, now okc.


no, we've been playing one day per week lately. Thursdays at 6pm. LS pride!

well that sucks, i wont be in till late friday and leaving sunday late.

I hope to see a team from Kansas City at the 8th Midwests. One team from every club would be killer!