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BikePolo Kunming

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let's start chasin' that ball! we need everyody we can gather to get this started and have some fun!

February 2012
13116271517 or +8613116271517
East Asia
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hey..i'm Aji from jakarta-Indonesia
i want to invite your team to play in our tournamen in Indonesia
july 15, 2012 in Jakarta..
can your give your email address?? i'll sent you some invitation

repp a.s.a.p.
thx :)

Bike Polo has been an unexpectedly great success in Kunming after last sunday's session with around 15 people, mostly local fixie riders participating. Bike Polo in Kunming will continue its course to the national hegemony, with trainings every sunday at Ground Zero!

We are not yet able to go to any tournament but hopefully in the coming months, local players' enthousiasm in the sport will allow us compete soon, to show others our southern style Polo.

Klink, I'll contact you about mallets and balls when need be.

So again, everybody is still welcome to our weekly Polo session at 4PM, Ground Zero.


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Way To Go Levi and Kunming Bike Polo!!! Can't wait till we get to come back to Kunming and play with you guys. 加油昆单车马球!!!

Oakland Bike Polo

goddamn keyboard cowboys ruining it for the rest of us

Allright, first session is on saturday 25th feb. Meeting spot to be specified during the week. Any recomm

Hope the first week went well. Know it's a bit of a ways away but if your find yourself in 东北 come March 18 we're hosting a tournament in Beijing.

How's it shaping up there? You have many people coming along? Is there a bikeshop or any fixie/cycle club that you guys can latch onto to spread the word?

Need mallets or balls or anything? Glad to see it sprouting up somewhere new.

somewhere flat and awesome...I knew China would start playing..

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