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Lexington Bike Polo

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The dark and bloody ground - home of Lexington Bike Polo

April 2007
Club rep: 
Great Lakes
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zoom in on the courts they updated the photo it now has our boards. but we painted and redid the cracks since that photo. but its getting their

I wish I could host a fall break im a little busy planning a month long polo tour around worlds. I will talk to some of the other club and see what the word is.


I wish it was newer so we could see the skully!

Yeah I don't know if we'll get it together enough to do a Fall Break... just plan on going to Turducken!

If you host one I will come... I am coming anyways was just hoping to play a ton while i was ther

Fall Break?? anyone??

i second that emotion....

when pigs fly.

hey lexington- Im headed through town on thursday July 8th. and would love a place to crash for me and my gf . we'd be drivin in sorta late like 1am ish. leaving in the morning to go to the makers mark distillery then nashville. hit me up at jake@mkebikepolo.com if you can put us up for the night. thanks!

Hey, I was wondering when you guys play up there. I'm driving home to Michigan from Florida and was going to stop in Lexington on the way, and was hoping I could get some polo in.

wed nights, sun days. when are you coming through?

I hope to see a team from Lexxx at the 8th Midwests. One team from every club would be killer!


we will have I think 3 teams at least