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Hub City Hardcourt - Lubbock

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Bunch of guys (and some girls) chasin a ball around a tennis court, whackin away at it with mallets on bikes with one speed and no brakes.

June 2010
Club rep: 
Mightey Matt
South Central
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you guys gunna be playing around xmas time, ill be in the 806 and would love to show you guys how its done.

Anyone find any updates on LBK bike polo? I will be there this month and was wondering if it is worth bringing the gear. Just wanted to see before trying to drive with 2 dogs and polo gear.

Katie Corson

Howdy just moved to town...where does the club play?

im a lubbock native but have been living in missoula for the past 2 years. you guys still playing, i plan on being in town the 28th-30th of this month. lemme know. evanjamz@yahoo

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Polo at 7 tonight. Join us for some ball bashing!

I work tonight. Will be there when I can, so let's try to do a late match tonight. Eh?

Love the logo brotha. I put some logos I had made up on fb as well.

There should be a omnibus sign-up at polo some night.

not a lot of action here. What gives polo players?!?

no polo tonight?

Team play tonight. 7pm @ Polo Park. (40th and Elgin). See you there!

what is this team play business?

To try to support Tourney play we were trying to have 3 man teams. If we continue to do it this way, at the least for Wednesday and Sunday play, we can better play with the people on our team. (Get to know how they work with passing, shooting, blocking, wether they are an offensive player or defensive player, that sort of thing.)

I like that idea, but think it will work better if we do it only one of the set nights, like Sunday for instance, at least for a few weeks. Especially since a lot people did't really seem too sold on the set 3-man thing for pick-ups, doing it one of the set days would help ease people into it. We would really only need to ramp up the frequency of mock-team play when it gets closer to the tourny.

We need to have a sit down on one of those Sundays and lay down rules: RP not knowin' about mallet throwing last night causes me concern about what other rules our folks don't know about.

That makes sense. Whatever we can do that will help this sport grow, I'm all for it. Let's go.

Polo tonight, I mean now bitches.

Polo tonight!

btw, to protect ankles I highly suggest converse HI-tops. They look silly, but no more ankle clipping!

Sunday and Wednesday of each week, usually at or around 8pm, so clear your schedules. Me thinks tonight should be fun before the dance party.

Here is a little news clip from our first court followed by a letter to the editor from yours truly: UNIT News

We are playin' tonight at 40 and Elgin @ 10PM. Come one, come all. Unless you are that heinous old lady who used to harass us at Wagner Park: you can't come.

you guys should come to amarillo to play sometime. We play every thursday night at memorial park. Otherwise, let us know when yall are playin and we will come down and smack your balls.

Lets do it.


How many people do you have that are interested? I am in the process of building my mallet...

no one really, I emailed the opc to see if anyone played, I know most of them ride fixies

Turns out the OPC folks only play once or twice a semester. We've got a good group that plays at Wagner usually at nights, next time you are ridin' by and see us, come say hey.

Oh man I've been wanting to play for over a year now, I live closer to Tech campus so if you would give me a text when yall play next, I really wanna get started.
*disclaimer - I've never played bike polo before, I've practiced by myself and watched several videos but am still interested in playing and learning more about the sport.
832 865 0136

For sure. We just changed courts because our old court was taken over by irate and unreasonable old ladies. We're down on 40th and Elgin.

Glad to see another Texas city playing bike polo, come to Austin on Halloween!

We've been playin' for about twice a week for a month or two now, so I am sure a few of the other guys would be more than comfortable headin' out to play you guys sometime. Do you guys have anything commin' up?

This sounds like a good idea if we can get the others in on it.