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Miami Bike Polo

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We play at Jose Marti Park Sundays at 1pm. Check our Facebook or Twitter for other times and places!

March 2011
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Whats up people <<< Just as a reminder for the Fijate Urban Cycling Fest 2012 >>>

We'll be providing housing for Polo Players. All we need is your confirmation just to have an idea how many players are coming over. You (and anyone reading this) can send me an email with your (1) teams name, (1) players name and (2) a confirmation to: joeypomales@hotmail.com / or call me: 787-424-0134 (Joey) / We'll be more than happy to have more people coming from the states (or any other country as well).

1st Place: $300
2nd Place: $200
3rd Place: $100
And More . . .

PS: Feel free to contact me at any time for *any help you may need, and believe me we are throwing a HUGE PARTY, this Urban Cycling Festival (Fijate 2012 Edition) is GOING BIG, this is the Second Edition and we'll have people coming from NYC for the AlleyCat and Criterium: Chas, Alfred Bobe, JT, Dominican Criss / and Grime Crew is coming too.

Sep 28 - 30 / San Juan, PR.

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Hello and welcome!! Miami Bike Polo has just been coming together in the last few months with the intent to make it easy for anyone interested in playing bike polo. It has really been taking off and we can't be more excited. We are still working very hard to keep you informed and organized plus we've made a bunch of loaner mallets so all you need to do is show up with your bike. We have a couple weekly games that we will be organizing at Jose Marti Park; Fridays at 7pm, except during critical mass, and Sundays at 1pm. We have decided to eliminate Henry Reeves Park for various reasons. Jose Marti Park has been working out great and the location under I-95 is great when we're playing in the middle of a sunny day. In any case, we're always looking for a good court to play in. We'll be updating our Where We Play page with any courts that we can use.

So for now, check out our website, learn about the game, make yourself a mallet if you want and we hope to see you on the court and having a blast! And if you've never played before, no worries, we still have a lot of new and first time players, so we'll have beginner games going every time we play.

If you'd like to stay in the loop, 'Like' us on Facebook or follow us on twitter. If you'd like to be involved, just let us know! Start a discussion on our forum, post on our wall, tweet your thoughts, setup a meetup, etc… we welcome and encourage any participation :) THANK YOU and see you all soon!!


Eric Madrid