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Kansas City Friendlies April 24th-25th


Hey its kc! we're hosting a friendlies on April 24th and April 25th!

We will not be reserving the court. The city wants insurance and we do not have it, so we are going to count on the 'first come, first serve' policy. A hockey league plays on Saturdays until 1:30PM, and for those who want to play on Sunday, we're just going to show up. Basically, come at your own risk. I think there is a very likely chance that we will be able to play polo during the times mentioned above, but keep in mind the court is not reserved.

If you have to choose one day, I'll say that Saturday is THE day. Sunday is a supplement day, however, we will be able to start as early as we'd like on Sunday. Saturday starts at 130PM

If for some reason we are not able to get on the court, we have plenty of tennis courts that we can play on, so polo will happen either way.

Lucky of stl polo wants to try out the NA Hardcourt ruleset on some matches; study up!

All clubs/players are welcome, Midwest or not.

We will have a grill to use, but plan on bringing some food to grill (especially if you're vegan/vegetarian); We will provide some food and drinks. There is a gas station and some fast food within biking distance, as well as an Aldi that is very close.

We will have housing available for friday, saturday, and sunday if you need it, but please let us know how many and which nights so we can plan on it.

Location is Holmes Park Hockey Court. There is a map here: MAP

Don't forget your flags, and leave your snow cones in columbia, please. Bring red franklins if you want to play with them. We do not have any, but we might have red mylecs. I might spend a day's wage on a franklin.

We're really excited to host another friendlies!

is this at the same court as last time? i'm excited to come play with you all!

yes the same court as our friendlies in october 09.

I'll actually be able to come this time. Looks like someone's losing some blood!

(most likely me)

Bike Polo Ronin

oh man. bloomington just started planning for friendlies during little 500 weekend, which is that same weekend. ya snooze ya lose. back to the chalkboard.

oh, sorry man. yeah i saw clubs making plans into April, and we wanted to get this announced before someone else took the date; we've been planning on it for a while. This spring is already getting filled up!

There's actually some guys in the St Louis club who want to do the little 500 really badly.


You have to be a full-time student at IU to actually race.... still, if you've never been, try to attend a Little 500 before you die. 10,000 people piss drunk and screaming their heads off for what is essentially a two-hour track race!

And did I mention the week-long parties?

....and the greatest cycling movie ever!

That will never work.

Translation...Lucky, you actually have to be a Hoosier!

The proud kind, or the dirty kind?


DIrty Apple (Manhappenin') here. We'll be there with at least one side, probably two or more. Looking forward to it.

nice. rico, did we meet in lawrence at the basketball courts? i met someone from manhattan but instantly forgot the name.

bring tom park. and maybe my brother.

Already. But you knew we were in.

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

werd, lookin forward to it!

Scary Larry is ready for it!

i just learned that there is a hockey league under contract with the parks department that reserves the court for saturdays from 8am to 1pm. So i will definitely reserve the court for the remainder of saturday; sunday is not an issue we have it all day.
I know how much it sucks to travel for polo and not get to play a ton, which is this is a two day friendlies.

we have a double tennis court that we can play on in the morning for those who would like to get an early start on saturday and move to the court in the afternoon. Nothing concerning but for those who are traveling, that is whats going on; plan accordingly. I'll keep this updated.

How much will it cost to reserve it for that afternoon? I can throw a few bucks to you guys to help cover the cost. I'll try to get all the slackers to do the same.

Bike Polo Ronin

thanks, tim! thats nice of you. i really want this one to be on us, i really didn't like asking for money last time, but i was stuck with the bill and my parents don't pay for college. If the price is the same its 7 dollars per hour, so if we rent it from 1pm until dark, lets just say 6pm (no one will show up after that wanting to play hockey and its first come first serve anyway) i think i can get some kc kids to split the cost with me this time. It should be getting too dark to play around 730 ish, maybe?

As for Sunday, there is no official hockey league playing, its on a first come first serve basis. while typing this i wondered if it would be a good idea to rent it from 10-12 on Sunday and since we'll already have the court, we keep it until we leave, without renting it all afternoon. I wasn't going to rent it at all on Sunday, but now i think I should, if people want to play then too.

Wichita should be able to represent.

great! glad to hear from you guys. does google, kansas play polo?

paul.theobald wrote:

great! glad to hear from you guys. does google, kansas play polo?

not sure. you should topeka that shit.

StL is coming for sure. Looks like 2-3 cars full right now. Always subject to change.

I hope to have a batch of heads done by then.

Will also need everyone's help testing the new NA Hardcourt rules and penalties set. Make sure I'm sober enough to try to red card some kids.


yeah that sounds good. we'll get places for you guys to stay. I think with two days of friendlies, we should have plenty of time to test out the NA rules. We just use the regular hockey nets that are at the court and i don't know the exact size. getting my club to build regulation nets for this event is unlikely, but is there anything else we can provide concerning the rules trial?

paul.theobald wrote:

... but is there anything else we can provide concerning the rules trial?

Network truck with a four camera set-up and a video revue station.


i'm all over that.

Print it out and bring it in a red binder.

Bike Polo Ronin

I think Lex stole our flag again...

Like you didn't know that before you left.
Or probably even before you got there.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

I think they stole CHill's wallet as well. Perhaps that was retribution for giving Dixie Tiff a black eye...

I know who has your flag, and I can't imagine the unspeakable things they're probably doing with it right now.

And for the record, it's not Lexington. It's about 6 hours northeast of Lexington.

cleveland has a clear motive.

You turds! Where was the color guard? Jumping off a roof after drinking bourbon!?

Bike Polo Ronin

Timmm wrote:

You turds! Where was the color guard? Jumping off a roof after drinking bourbon!?

Yes! And you can't forget swimming on the kitchen floor

Is anyone passing through chicago that can pick one person up?


No, but you can take the Amtrak or Megabus to St Louis, and I'll give you and Holly a ride.


Haha. Her name's Molly!

Midwest is best!!

Hey dudes. Seems like a lot of como people can only come for one of the days. Which day is going to be THE day? If someone had to pick... Saturday?

I would say THE day is saturday, but only because saturdays are traditionally THE day for friendlies. However, we won't have the hockey court until 130 because of the hockey league. But we can play at a different location until 130 if you guys want to come earlier. on sunday, there is no hockey league, its first come first serve all day.

The only reason i have sunday on the invite is in case people don't think 6ish hours of polo is worth traveling for. and i don't know how many people are going to show up. so sunday, i suppose, is more of a supplement.

word is there is a hockey tournament at some indoor place in kansas this weekend.. so there shouldnt be anyone at the courts at all on sat or sunday..

in know im kinda late asking but is there a ball park estimate for a head count? PBR asked how many cases were needed.

"PBR asked how many cases were needed."

Oh, god. Those words sound so sweet. Let's see... I would say probably 6-8 from Columbia.

Also, does this mean that we should try to get started a little earlier on Saturday? I mean... we could at least check and see if they're there in the morning.

if they're going to be there at all, they'll be there early in the morning. i think they start around 8am. so what we could do is check in the morning around 9ish and see if stephen's theory is true. I can update this site, twitter, facebook, whatever and let the internet know whether they are on the court or not.

weather looks good: http://www.weather.com/outlook/events/sports/weekend/64111

1 case for me please!

haha i may have been speaking to liberally. there's not gonna be an unending supply.. but we'll get enough to cut down on most of the beer cost for the day.

well don't worry stl can't handle any beer til after the sun goes down so they won't be drinking any. I've gotten this free pabst beer before, I'll make sure and pack the mystical cooler just in case it really happens.

i thought it was mythical.

and at least a couple como kids are coming for sunday only (werk skedulez), i hope there's still plenty of polo on sunday!

yeah there will still be plenty of polo on sunday.

im down for polo on sunday.. i work saturday so i'll only be able to to catch a couple of games in the evening and id love to play a ton sunday.

and yes bring coolers and ice.


Yeah, depending on how much money I have and how Colleen feels, I may be coming on Sunday. I'm too broke to come for the weekend, though. Chris, talk tonight about possible Sunday travel plans?

Bike Polo Ronin

We have 5 from the Dirty Apple that'll come Saturday. We don't really have a team set up but we'll have a bunch of players.
I'm looking forward to play masked again !!

no teams are needed, this is just friendlies.. we'll all be mixin it up all day.

StL is having a hard time getting it together for this one. You can put some of the blame on minibikes, oddly enough. I'll know for sure this evening, but if anyone's making the trip, it's only going to be one carful.


I KNEW you guys were going to bail! BOO.

Mini bikes are extremely important (and awesome). STL has been busy working on the future of bike polo...aka: Mini Bike Polo.

the earliest anyone from kc can be at the court is 1130ish. so plan accordingly.

well its 1150 and dark as shit. Oh wait you mean in the morning? Well camping here is much more feasible then in Chicago. I have never seen so many condoms and needles.

seriously though, some como reps will be at the court about noon with an empty cooler and cold hearts.

perfect. i'll be there at noon to warm your heart. beer lady...not sure when she will be there to fill your cooler. all i know is that i have simpler times lager coming from stl. and thats all that matters tomorrow.

the hockey league is on the court, so we'll start at 130pm. plus polo all day tomorrow!

I aint afraid of a lot of rain. get your asses to the court!

More polo on Sunday! the rain is supposed to stop tonight. Here is the story: If it is raining at noon, we'll be at the baltimore garage. if it is not raining at noon, we'll be at holmes court. NOON! plus we still have two cases of beer left. thank our pbr rep, she rules.

thanks to everyone who made the trip!

I don't ever want to hear you complain about not having a covered court again. Kansas City is hosting the next Lock-in in Subtropolis!


haha, thats true! we do have a lot of caves in the area. i hadn't thought of that. i'll look into it this summer.

That's a fucking great idea, Lucky!!

Midwest is best!!