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Milano Bike Polo

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Tutto sul bike polo milanese

March 2010
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Milano Bike Polo
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Ciao Milano! I am playing out of florida but now I live in Istanbul, where I am trying to get some polo started. I have a friend in Milano and I am thinking of visiting for a week in november. If we could play some pickup that would be wicked!

"I'll tap for that."

Hey Im coming to worlds in geneva and hoping to spend some time in italy afterwards. what can you tell me about the genoa area and maybe car or scooter rentals? or good towns to visit along that coast. Probably taking a train from geneva to Genoa via Milan then want to explore the area bit for 3-4 days. Thanks!

ciao vivo in utah, ma saro' a pavia per 3 settimane da meta' ottobre. quando giocate a milano? non vedo date ne qui ne su blogspot. mandatemi un email. ciao, stefano


yo fellas

i am so excited to play polo in milan!

yeahhhhhh marco...

that's my shit

Cominciamo a discuterne?


Vs. Scimmia