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We have open to the public pick up games Sunday afternoons when weather allows.

June 2005
414-581-1513 Jake
Club rep: 
capt. jake
Great Lakes
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I'll be in the area early september from Canada. What are your weekly play times/days and locations if you play pick up.

I'm eying the 2v2 spring tourny. Is it still going down? If so are any of'ya willing to host a couple winnipegers?

we havent announced any dates yet but when we figure it out we will of course invite Winnipeg!

Possibly biking into town Saturday and then heading out Sunday. Won't have any time for polo but I could use a place for myself and two friends to rest our heads for the evening on Saturday. Anyone got a couch/floor we could crash on?

MKE 2V2 this year? What's the deal?

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

i was waiting on a flier but fuck it i;ll just post it with no flier for now by the end of day it willl be up

i will see your lovely faces in 10 days! new bike, need to play lots! miss the midwest. see you sooooooooooon!

i missed you, had to work.. are you coming back to MKE after Austin?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

it's all good joe! had fun while i was there. no i had to come back to the northeast coast.
but i'll be back around soon enough. =]

We are hosting friendlies this Saturday. Come on over and play some polo!



milwaukee i miss you already.

come here ANY time! We are always accepting applications from good people.

thank you matt. i will be sure to come back soon. the sooner the better. before the cold sets in. =]

see you at Washington Park at 5pm...


Get rad

Hey all,

Came out to the courts today and had alot of fun. Really need to get my bike together so Im not bummin other peoples wheels but thanks again for being so inviting. Ill definently be out every chance

glad theres a legit court to play on, you criminals you


Awesome. See ya Sunday!

hey who are you with right now for espi??

i'm with werm and chombo

Hey MKE,

I just found out I was accepted for a summer internship at the Journal Sentinel in your lovely city. Looks like I'll be a Wisconsinite come late May (maybe later than that, too, who knows).
Truth be told, I know nothing about Milwaukee. Where are some good neighborhoods to live? (Like, reasonably safe/cheap/cool/close to downtown)
Better yet, anybody need a subleaser or roomie between May and August?

Look forward to slaying with ya'll. I'm stoked.

awesome drew. hopefully we have a court to call home by then... the riverwest neighborhood is where i live and is a diverse "hip"relatively cheap/ safe and is 10 min ride to journal building. otherwise, bayview neighborhood is also all the things you desire with added "hippness" lotsa restaurants and bars.

also, guthrie's house may have a room available soon. he lives in an awesome warehouse on the canal 2min ride to downtown.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Hey folks,

My friend and I are driving up to Milwaukee this Saturday for some business stuff and need a place to crash Saturday night 1/23/10. He is allergic to cats. I am not picky.

If anyone isn't already putting up schmoes from the midwest madness trickster comp, please let me know. Thanks.